Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is 50% Off On EU/UK PSN

Thrifty PS4 players will be pleased to know that Nathan Drake’s remastered trilogy has had its price cut down to size by the PSN store overlords.

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Free_Fro1535d ago

solid price
especially if you've never played the three..


Wallstreet371535d ago

Being ive played them all to death on ps3, rented the ps4 version and knowing it doesnt have the mp aspect, ill have to pass but damn that is a good deal.

angelsx1535d ago

Who play Uncharted for the multilayer?

Wallstreet371535d ago

Are you serious with that question? The same ppl that continue till this day to play Uncharted 2 mp on ps3. It is still well populated as for UC3 lol UC2 had one of the best mps, last generation period.

Did you read my comment? I played the sp to death on PS3 hence no need to play the PS4 version even though its been updated in graphics. Multiplayer is a different story for me as i would have went back to PS4 mp of Uncharted as mp by nature are more dynamic and things change game to game.

claudionmc1535d ago

8.33 each :)Good price for 3 solid games

PunisherRevenge1535d ago

That's the price it should've been from day one anyway since the multi-player was striped.