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Gaming Boulevard uploaded their review of Punch Club and decided:

Punch Club is a game for people who like Tycoon or management games more than people who like fighting games. Its actual interaction is minimal and yet it manages to be engaging. The feeling of progression in your character is a major factor as to why it’s so enjoyable. The story isn’t anything special and the characters are all tropes that originate from movies, games and books all based on fighting. The references can be fun for some and sigh-inducing for others due to them being on the nose. No game like this should try to parody Tyler Durden as it will only come over as forced. The ending is abrupt and really comes out of the left field. The game nails the aesthetics and music it was going for without feeling like just another generic pixel-art indie game. Punch Club is a fun game that anyone who like managing things will enjoy themselves with.

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