PS4 Exclusive The Tomorrow Children Looks Beautifully Insane with new Screenshots and Concept Art

The Closed Beta for PlayStation 4’s Exclusive Open world sandbox adventure The Tomorrow Children finished recently to positive reviews and over the last few days Sony Computer Entertainment along with developers Q-Games have shared a bunch of insanely beautiful screenshots and concept art for the game.

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TomatoDragon1533d ago

Loved the alpha and beta.

kraenk121533d ago

I adore unique games like this. Now back to The Witness!

medman1533d ago

Amen brother. Preach!!

FunkyGoron1533d ago

Excited for this game. Although, I am unsure how it plays as I missed out on the alpha/beta.

Is it a type of shared-universe coop game? How does the game allow all the players to interact in the world?

lashes2ashes1533d ago

It's kinda like minecraft but built around everybody working together for the good of the town.

IamTylerDurden11533d ago

Yes, it's an online game, a shared universe. Each town inhabits 1-50 real ppl ( approximately) as well as numerous NPCs and you work together to rebuild society and to build your town(s). You can start your own town or join someone elses, you can travel from town to town until you find the perfect one, or just be nomadic.

As you progress your character levels up and you get points in which to allocate towards typical attributes like strength, speed, charisma ect. As you contribute to society and upgrade your character you'll be granted access to new equipment and gear. Eventually you get access to hover cars, hover tanks, jetpacks, better tools, better weapons, clothes ect.

The more you progress your town the fun and useful items your town will be permitted to use. Such items like new shops with better equipment, town halls, trampolines, better defenses ect. Defenses like turrets and fencing are necessary as monsters will come and to destroy your town.

The game has mining, character and town progression, combat, platforming, rpg elements, building, resource management, and more. It's beautiful and fun and it does have a story, there is a narrative of sorts.

IamTylerDurden11533d ago

Finally an article on TTC, during the beta i didn't see any. The beta was phenomenal, i didn't want to stop playing. Tbh, i have screenshots that are even better on my PS4.

crazysapertonight1533d ago

> Looks Beautifully Insane
wat? Looks blurry and plain

IamTylerDurden11533d ago

Anything but. Obviously you didn't play the beta, it's gorgeously unique.

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