EGM's Massive Rumour Roundup!

In the latest edition of their weekly rumour column, the US games mag provides a treasure trove of gaming gossip. Included in their speculation is (take a deep breath...) a PS3 version of Ninja Gaiden Black, a massively multiplayer version of Burnout, a re-designed PSP (again), Kingdom Hearts PSP, a lightsaber-waving Wii Star Wars game, next-gen Star Wars: Battlefront sans Pandemic and an Xbox 360 version of PC MMO, Auto Assault. Phew!

Most of the mag's speculation sounds pretty straightforward, but Sony's supposed PSP re-design seems to be the rumour that just won't die.

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Cyclonus6606d ago

Itagaki not giving ANY details on NG2, does NOT = available on PS3. EGM picks most of their rumors out of cow pastures. bullsh1t

joemutt6606d ago

You can play it on your 360 if you want its backward compatible.

TheMART6606d ago

Well if Ninja Gaiden would be on PS3 I don't care really.

As long as Gears of War stay exclusive.

And PS lost their biggest exclusive GTA
Furthermore that Assassin's Creed will a real short timed exclusive.

And there are no other exclusives that are really worth the trouble and money to get them over. Because 360 has the best and most original upcoming exclusives.

So if they should get NG it would be allright with me...

OutLaw6606d ago

Just kidding. Hey if they do get Ninja Gaiden it probably wont be for a few years. By then I think everybody would know if the PS3 made it or not.

pandarus6606d ago

just to point out that this rumor is referring to black, not ng2. as far as i'm concerned, that's no big deal.

Cyclonus6606d ago

it does say NG BLACK don't it? in that case who cares.

ps3willrule6606d ago

its funny how no one comments on 360 page but u get all the 360 fanboys on ps3


This is home page industry news it's on both PS3 and Xbox360. It's funny why you care where people post don't worry about it and make sure you know what you're talking about before you open you're ass (mouth)

ACE6606d ago

lol wake up you fool,,,

smell the coffee ,,, yes thats right are you awake yet ?..... look sony aint what you think they are its the wool over your eyes remove the wool you fool,,,,,

sony fans are like gold fish they have a 6 second memmory so they keep for getting howoften fony fuk you up the arse wake up dude sony are lyers full stop ,,,,

i was a sony fan now am a 360 fan by fony you had me in a trance now i have woke up so fuk you