Star Wars Battlefront patch nerfs Boba Fett and brings free content

The most major addition asides from the new gameplay updates is a reduction in the damage Boba Fett’s blaster and wristlauncher inflicts, as well as a 30% decrease in the health of the Millennium Falcon and Slave I.

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Multiplatguy1524d ago

They did. Damage down from 250 to 180 and it overheats quicker.

ninsigma1524d ago

Oh sweet. Probably should have read it :p
Thanks :)

Perjoss1524d ago

It was a firing rate reduction not a damage reduction but still a good nerf.

jc121524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

I agree. I heard they nerfed it a while back, but I don't see anything in this update about nerfing it further. I think it still needs to be nerfed even more. The damage can stay the same, but the rate of fire should be reduced and it should overheat quicker.

Right, 8/10 people use the dl-44 in blast and drop zone, to me, the indicates there is some sort of balancing issue. Otherwise, the gun wouldn't be used so heavily.

Otherwise, I think the rest of the guns are pretty well balanced.

ninsigma1524d ago

Definitely a balancing issue. I disagree with the dl-44 as an ordinary gun. Why allow everyone to have a gun that is used for a special character?? Makes no sense to me.

madmonkey011524d ago

enough with the damn nerfs.

1524d ago
Skate-AK1524d ago

Lol. They nerfed our bonus points for either winning or at least staying for the whole match. I don't see why they would do that.

TheCommentator1524d ago

Not even a Sarlacc pit could kill Boba Fett, so he always was OP.

gangsta_red1524d ago

Disney killed Boba Fett with canon.

Artemidorus1524d ago

Nothing wrong with Bobba Fett he isn't that powerful when in close combat just people moaning if someone plays well.

akurtz1524d ago

eggxactly. his missle was already crap when they took off his lock on (even though hans lucky shot could technically track you). when i use him and almost never die.