Star Wars Battlefront 1.04 Update Now Available On PlayStation 4, Size Revealed

WCCFT: Yesterday the new Star Wars Battlefront update, update 1.04, has finally been detailed in full, following some rumored details which proved to be false. The update is going to be made available today on all formats and now we can confirm that it's available for download on the PlayStation 4 version of the game.

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Artemidorus1526d ago

They fucked the gameplay.

CrazySasquatch--1526d ago

I still can't get the trophy for most kills on blast! I only need it for my platinum. :(

Aenea1526d ago

Why can't you get it? You running into a bug? I got it though, still need to get the dreaded hero one thing, you have to be a tad on the lucky side to get the final killing shot in to be able to become a hero/villain in that mode, not a fan, plus don't like the game mode much...

CrazySasquatch--1526d ago

Its glitches for a lot of people. I get most kills and it doesn't pop. I read that you need to let the time run out and have the most kills, which i did last night and it popped and so did the platinum! I personally like the game, wish they upped the rank as level 50 is not enough!

ZombieKiller1526d ago

So is this game worth it? I wasn't too impressed with the beta, but I'm a huge star Wars fan and it looks really authentic and nice. I figure at this point it would probably be smart to wait for the Game of the Year Edition or at least a bundled edition

pumpactionpimp1526d ago

It all depends on you man. If you don't mind a lack of serious progression, repeating levels, and what some consider bland game play. Then you can enjoy the game for what it is. I have friends that love it, and friends that hate it. I poked fun at the ones that like it for spending 110 dollars on what I consider an incomplete game, but they pointed out I love counter strike. Which has the same weapons, no progression, etc, etc.

I think if you find it discounted somewhere, and you enjoyed the beta you should get it. If the beta turned you off of it, well, I played it with a friend that bought it, and that feeling stuck with me from beta to full release.

akurtz1526d ago

just get it, its $42 on amazon

Wh15ky1526d ago

I enjoyed the beta so that's why I bought the game, and now I'm enjoying the game.
The beta was a pretty accurate representation of the full game, if you didn't enjoy the beta you won't enjoy the full game.

lipton1011526d ago

I've spent less than $1 per hour of gameplay. Huge Star Wars fan myself. Extraordinarily authentic. Very fun if you're into the series. But it used or cheap somewhere, no use sinking $60 into it. But if you're a fan you'll love it. Other game modes are clutch, I personally don't play those that were included in the beta very often

1526d ago
_-EDMIX-_1526d ago

I don't really know. I mean you could play it now for pretty cheap and the beta I feel isn't a great representation as the rest of the game.

I mean you could wait too, but consider you already are on the fence on getting it, would really waiting for the maps bundled really change how you feel about the game?

I would wait til its like $30 or something and help yourself. I rarely wait for GOTY versions of games I want most times based on I don't really know if I would even like the whole game let alone more content of the game or something.

I guess thats just me though.

OB1Biker1526d ago

It would help if you said what you didn't like in the beta. Game is all about mindless fun. If you didn't like getting killed 'unfairly' for example, forget it but value for money should nt be a problem since you can find it very cheap now

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lipton1011526d ago

Wow. Pretty seriously nerfed a lot of weapons

OB1Biker1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Boba again :(

Also new respawn change things a bit and needed to adapt but overall changes spice things up too

FreakyFox1526d ago

I cant really complain about a patch until i have played it for a few days to get a real feel for it.

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