WildStar – Former employees voice out horrible experiences at Carbine

MMOculture: Just recently, one of Korea’s biggest investment firms spelled doom for MMORPG WildStar this year, with no significant revenue or profits forecasted. Over the past week, former employees of developer Carbine Studios took to Reddit and Neogaf to voice out all the shit-storm they experienced, with several confirmations given as well.

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Ashlen1523d ago

I'm just going to have to say it's hard to take anything seriously from someone so unprofessional as to use some of that language about co-workers in a public forum. I understand wanting to share your grievances that's normal but you have to keep it classy.

I played Wildstar and the combat was good and the story was pretty interesting but where it failed for me was the grind. And it was a poor choice to not start as F2P, though I understand they were trying a new model buy then allow you to maintain your subscription through play.

pasta_spice1523d ago

I don't think there's anything wrong with what they said. If I'd lost my job as a result of incompetent co-workers and moronic bosses, I'd be swearing about it too.

Ashlen1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Well good luck getting references for your next job hunt.

If you want to get and maintain good jobs you need to have a level of professionalism.

DDMNeo1523d ago

I doubt they were getting any good references anyway.

DiscoKid1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

I was a part of the Arkship thing where they flew random enthusiasts to California to their studio. They are really chill and funny people, but their publisher, NCSoft, is really garbage.