PC gaming trumps mobile and console in the $61bn digital games market

MWEB GameZone writes: "Overall the PC hardware market might have dropped to a historic low, but PC gaming is on the rise in terms of digital sales compared to other platforms.

Here is an analysis of the latest data supplied by a SuperData report, showing how PC gaming is beating mobile and crushing consoles in the top 10 digital sales per platform as well as a look at the worldwide digital games market trend and the CEO of SuperData Joost van Dreunen's outlook for 2016."

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HoldenZA1526d ago

Soon everything will be digital, and with those figures its easy to understand why game publishers might be deciding to ditch physical sales all together

Sillicur1526d ago

I have to completely agree here, everything will be digital some day. However, I would love game developers to keep physical copies of one thing. Collector's editions! No normal physical copies.

The_KELRaTH1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

I think one of the biggest issues / setbacks with digital only format comes from the console market.

The total lack of competition which can be seen by the ridiculous online store pricing and the rights of the consumer not to be able to sell their 2nd hand software is effectively putting a wall in the way.

The amount of revenue from mobile gaming is interesting as it shows the lowest priced games are creating very high revenue - maybe the console publishers should take note!

eyeDEVOUR1526d ago

Next time you go to any media store, walmart, pornshop and the like, take a look and you see that there is more music and movie disc than all the console games combined... Soooo its not consoles holding it back its people.

As long as there are people that arent pure lazy and scared anti-social snobs we will alway have physical media.

Digital format has risen, but its done so by piggybacking on peoples lazyness and antisocial paranoia...

CrowbaitBob1526d ago


Thanks for your input grandpa.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1526d ago

Yeah no. I buy digital because it's a pain in the a** to change the disc, especially when you're drinking with a bunch of people and switching between good group games like rocket league, GTA online with 2 PS4s and whatnot. The physical media for music and DVDs is still there for the older generation who may not use digital, not the non-lazy social chaps who still enjoy there walkmans, because they are extinct. It's simply a technology/age gap.

Vinyl has made a comeback off the back of hipsters, collectors, and ironically contrary to your argument, the paranoid who think their files could get taken away or destroyed.

The only person I know who insists on full digital who I know is a PTSD affected veteran who believes there's a military space ship up there ready to destroy us all, that the black government has 4th demential spies all around us and is currently raising his son to be an astronaut by the f***ing book lol he won't even use AutoCAD unless the computer is off of any network. He is as paranoid and antisocial as it gets. Really nice guy, gave his youth and sanity for our freedom, but it just goes to show.

Also, apple has digital only albums, all of which are targeted at a younger, pop music generation. That's because none of them buy CDs.

The_KELRaTH1526d ago

My comment with regards digital games is only within the context of the report which demonstrates a much larger acceptance of digital thru PC and mobile (ok not a lot of options here) compared to consoles.

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Perjoss1526d ago

The future may eventually be 100% digital, but I think there will always be a demand for physical media, people still buy vinyl records even though CDs have come and pretty much gone and its super easy to buy music digitally too.

Perhaps people will change some day, but for now many people still like to hold the stuff they have bought. Holding a game box with cool cover art and an interesting print on the disc is just cooler that staring at a PDF, but that's just me tho.

HanCilliers1526d ago

Very interesting stats. We all know things are moving to digital only - except for collector's editions and such. But we didn't know PC gaming sales were doing this well.

Sillicur1526d ago

As a pc gamer, it even surprised me that PC gaming does so well, yoh!

eyeDEVOUR1526d ago

Sure PC sales are higher in digital sales because 90% of pc games are only sold digitally..LOL Wonder how much is from micro transactions due to stupid Facebook flash games? And i dont seem to recall mobile phone/tablet games ever sold in a brick-n-mortar store sooo... Not the take over it seems to be lol

Peace_Love_and_FPS1526d ago

LOL just when I thought it couldn't get worse!

Yes. Go complain to Walmart that you can't buy tablet games, film it, and make some money off YouTube

IrishSt0ner1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

We knew in 2014 PC gaming revenue surpassed all consoles combined to become the largest gaming market. I've stated it here a numerous times... and you can imagine how that went.

"PC hardware market might have dropped to a historic low"

What they fail to mention here is the PC GAMING hardware market is still double that of the combined consoles hardware market.

Consoles reign supreme in AAA title sales.

Digital is clearly the future, and PC gaming is larger than it ever has been. There's a REASON almost all multiplatfrom games now release on PC too.

It was only a few years ago Ubisoft's CEO Yves Guillemot was saying PC gamers dont buy games, and that 93-95% 'pirate' instead... Funny how he isnt saying that anymore, wouldn't be anything to do with the massive revenue streams PC gaming is bringing in, now would it?

Kreisen1526d ago

But but PC gaming is full of pirates who never buy videogames!

I was just on a Denuvo article yesterday where the whole comment section was filled with people claiming PC gaming was dying and the new Denuvo drm is a necessary evil. I hope some of those people read this and choke on those words.

Perjoss1526d ago

"But but PC gaming is full of pirates who never buy videogames!"

This is simply not true. The Witcher 3 sold well on PC and it didnt have any DRM / copy protection.

Kreisen1526d ago

Read the whole comment, the first line was just me being sarcastic :D

humanmap1526d ago

the pc gaming is not dying but 9 of the top ten games on pc is online only and 6 of those are free to play games except WOW(subscrition),CSGO and lineage(Korea subscription)

Roccetarius1526d ago

Surprisingly, Lineage 1 is still generating a ton of revenue after years of being released.

eyeDEVOUR1526d ago

Thanks bro!!

I was making the same point in a comment above.. About 90% of pc games are digital only titles in the first place. And mobile games are 100%. lol So these numbers are irrelavent.

RiseofScorpio1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Really? Most of these are f2p games made to everyday Laptops so they can't be pirated and average machines can run them.

ninsigma1526d ago

Pc digital sales to beat console digital sales was an expectation but to beat mobile is pretty impressive.

FasterThanFTL11526d ago

No surprise to me I always knew PC Gaming is much bigger than most console gamers think it is. And now we have numbers to show that.

RiseofScorpio1526d ago

Come back when AAA games sell better, not f2p garbage.

Seafort1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

And you can come back when AAA developers treat all formats as equals.

You expect AAA games to do well on PC when most games are so poorly developed by greedy console developers/publishers? It's no wonder the sales on PC don't do as well as on consoles.

There is one factor to take into account. Consoles are game starved in the beginning of their launch so people buy any game they can get their hands on resulting in huge sales.

PC platform doesn't suffer from that as it has access to a plethora of games from 20-30 years to the newest ones all on same platform so game sales are spread out between thousands of games available.

Digital is the future but it might not include AAA games so much :)

FasterThanFTL11526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Other than Call of Duty most AAA PC games sell on par with console versions if not more. They may start of slowly but in the long run AAA PC sales have long legs and games keep selling for years and years longer. Games like Skyrim, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Borderlands 2, Payday 2, Tomb Raider (2013) etc are still selling strong on PC whereas the sales of these games have long been dead on consoles and the only sales being that of pre-owned copies. Last years biggest AAA games GTA V, Fallout 4, The Witcher 3 have sold as many copies on PC as they have on PS4. Even Battlefield 4 has now sold the most on PC after more than 2 years of great support by DICE.

humanmap1526d ago

I do agree that some of the games you mentioned do have great long legs of sales on PC.I want to point out that
Gta v ps4 sell 9.5million vs. 3.5million on pc but the ps4 version released 5 months prior to pc.
Fallout 4 ps4 sell 5.8 million vs. 3million on pc
Also i didnt count the PS4 digital download sales for GTA5 and fallOut 4.

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