PS4 Exclusive The King of Fighters XIV Gets New Trailer/Screenshots, Reveals More Characters

Today is character reveal day, and after Nina Williams in Tekken 7, you get three more for The King of Fighters XIV, that will come out this year for PS4.

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PhoenixUp1530d ago

So many fighting games on PS4. This brand has a strong history with this genre

Hoffmann1530d ago

Yeah. Its like that since Battle Arena Toshinden in January 1995 ;-)

If you are a fighting game fan and you like to play many different game series, you need a Playstation. No other console had more fighting games than the PS1 and 2. Not even the NeoGeo.

darthv721529d ago

Didn't know this game was exclusive to PS4 as well. Personally I would get my fighting fix on Sega systems because of the controller. Especially Saturn for games like Marvel Super Heroes and SF Alpha 1/2/3. That RAM cart made a huge difference back in the day.

gangsta_red1529d ago

I'm with Darth on this one, the Dreamcast is where all the fighting games were. Especially the capcom fighters.

Fighting games on the Dreamcast just seem to run faster than on PS2.

Tobsesan1529d ago

Neo geo mainly had fighters they had way more

Hoffmann1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )


Count all NeoGeo fighting games and after that count all Playstation 1 or 2 fighting games together.

jetlian1529d ago

neo geo had way more. tons of no name fighters

XisThatKid1529d ago

Don't give a [BLAM] what the naysayers opinions are, This is still my 2nd fav Fighting franchise period and can't wait for this game. This keeps looking better and better to me. I don't care that the visuals aren't crazy and impressive I finally get that "KoF" vibe from a new KoF game. Haven't had this feeling since KoF 2002. XIII was cool but seemed a bit off. I think it was great step forward, I love forward and welcome good changes but there was just something missing from XIII. I get installments from all 3 of my fav fighting franchises this year AND an entry in another franchise that I'm finally going to get into. This can't come any sooner.

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Utalkin2me1529d ago

Only on the best "this" gen console, IMO.

3-4-51528d ago

I don't own a PS4, but good for you that do.

You guys get to play Street Fighter 5 & King of Fighters 14, along with many other exclusives.

Still love my XB1 & Wii U and handhelds + Pc I have but I'm most likely eventually going to get a PS4 at some point once they are really cheap, even if it's just before the PS5 releases.

Tons of awesome games on the PS4 to play.

TXIDarkAvenger1529d ago

Not a fan of the change but whatever.

Gaming4Life19811529d ago

yea im not a fan of the new change but i have been playing kof for so long that I will buy this anyway. All I need is terry, mai, and iori and its game over for my enemies.

TXIDarkAvenger1529d ago

Oh for sure. I just think the previous artwork was much better. I don't doubt this will be another great entry to the series.

gangsta_red1529d ago

Wow, thank gawd they gave Benimaru a new costume. I swear that half shirt was the worse. Good to see K' in the game and we get normal Ralph instead of the roided out mess from 13.

It's safe to assume that every KoF 'ol school character is making their way to the game. And it looks like a lot of the characters are going back to their old set of moves from '94.

But what's up with Kyo and his coca-cola bottle shaped body?

Hoffmann1529d ago

Nah, their movesets are more like in KOF 1998 and 2k2, some of the players at the playstation experience who played the demo mentioned that

gangsta_red1529d ago

Ok, thanks for clarifying. I was seeing this demo and looking at the moves Robert and Kyo were throwing out. Those two are definitely using their more classic move sets.

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The story is too old to be commented.