Are we seeing the rise of a new video game genre?

MWEB GameZone writes: Video games are becoming something no one expected it could.

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Sillicur1527d ago

First off, amazing piece of writing. Secondly, I agree with the author, this genre is indeed rising, especially through indie devs.

I wonder when AAA studios might attempt something like this and if the wrong big budget studio does it, would it cheapen the experience of the genre?

Also, I really need to play a few of these.

ZombieDreddZA1527d ago

I'd be a little surprised to see a big name publisher do games like this as I am sure they can't see the financial benefits.

I do think gamers are so varied in the tastes that there is a market for it.

But avoiding the whole 'bottom line' thing, it's great that there are so many games coming out that forces one to think beyond the traditional gaming conventions.

HanCilliers1527d ago

True enough, although what I do see them doing is including more of these in their AAA titles - although not the primary focus