Pokémon’s Main Series Needs a Break For 2016

In light of the deluge of titles announced and coming for the 20th anniversary of Pokemon, maybe the main series needs to take a step back, and let these titles do the speaking while the games undergo a check to re-evaluate their standing.

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FallenAngel19841529d ago

Is this a joke? The series should go all out BECAUSE of it's 20th anniversary. The 2nd biggest franchise in gaming cannot take a break on such an occasion.

I expect a title like Pokemon Z by the end of the year.

GamerProfessionals1529d ago

Not quite. While Z is inevitable, I wanted to reason that the series just needed more time to get on the rails again and create an innovative main series title, that's all. Given the release of a ton of games like Pokken, Pokemon Go, that Detective Pikachu game, maybe the main series can take a back seat, so that when a new main series game comes out, fans will MISS, will yearn for it. I just feel like the series has fallen a tad short, that's all.

Metallox1529d ago

" I wanted to reason that the series just needed more time to get on the rails again and create an innovative main series title, that's all."

Innovation in Pokémon, that sounds so weird, man.

KOIMOJO1527d ago

Ummm. X and Y were kinda momentous imo... and ORAS were good but remakes that I didn't really want and that was 2014 so we actually already took 2015 off :/ If we don't get a new mainline game in the fall i'd be pretty sad. I feel starved already after putting hundreds of hours into X and Y in 2013/2014.

Agent_00_Revan1528d ago

Was Going to say the same. I think big anniversaries like this should be celebrated and acknowledged.

3-4-51528d ago

The Main series DID get a break in 2015.

BrandanT1527d ago

Just saying, I don't remember any main series Pokemon games releasing 2015.

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Kalebninja1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

There hasn't been a new main game in two years breaks over.

Edit: Not even two, THREE years.

GamerProfessionals1529d ago

OR/AS was from November 2014?

EcoSos31529d ago

Yes they were, there was no main pokemon game last year.

Kalebninja1529d ago

Those were remakes I don't count em. They were pretty much the same with some new things added.

GamerProfessionals1529d ago

@Kaleb: oh, I see. That kinda makes sense from where you're coming from; sorry for the misunderstanding. Just had a slightly different view on remakes being part of the main series.

KOIMOJO1527d ago

I would count ORAS as mainline just like FRLG and HGSS but I agree with Kalebninja that those titles don't demand the same attention and hype that the new games do. Especially ORAS because Ruby and Sapphire were my least favorite Pokemon games to begin with :/

Averyashimself1529d ago

Whatever the developers choose to do, I just hope they really take the Pokemon designs into account. Because the 5th gen Pokemon design was just simply awful to the majority of fans. The animations in battle were fine and actually impressive with the fluid movements the Pokemon were making in battle. But the actual design of them altogether were very poor in my opinion. I would love it if they decided to design the Pokemon a little more basic and less complex than how the 5th gen pokemon were designed. Because if you notice, not very many Pokemon in gen 1-3 had a complex design at all. Not many had what looked like equipment or clothes(necklaces, earrings, etc. etc.). And even when they had clothes or whatever on, they were still very simple pieces of clothing or equipment.

guywazeldatatt1529d ago

I'd like to see a real action/RPG quasi-like game tbh. We've had so many entries in the main series and I'd like to see some real action Pokemon!

FallenAngel19841529d ago

This series already explored the action RPG genre. You never heard of Pokemon Rangers before.

TXIDarkAvenger1528d ago

The last game we got from the core series was in 2014. This year would be nice to drop a new game.

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The story is too old to be commented.