Top Ten Hottest Girl Gamers (who are actually gamers)

As if the internet doesn't have enough top 10 lists, here we are with one more to throw in the mix - the top 10 hottest girl gamers. No, seriously. All the girls on this list actually play video games...

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THWIP5255d ago

...Morgan Webb IS a gamer, and is much hotter than half of the girls on that list.

xboxlj5255d ago

morgan webb look like a gorilla.

PS3 Ultimate5255d ago

I don't know who Morgan Webb is. I think Amanda McKay is the hottest gamer chick (if she is a gamer). The chick from GameTrailers! Check her out man!

Mikey_Gee5255d ago

Not sure about anyone else, but Number 3 (Fraggety Ann) can be on my team anyday. Well, for the fact of that matter, she could also be against my team, or anywhere else she decides she would like to be.

A very nice list of attractive ladies no doubt. If I get my wife to start playing video games, then we can role play (hahahahaha) **JOKE**

Witewunder5255d ago

But I love video games and women. Put the two together and it's heaven.

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The story is too old to be commented.