Here Is Your Full Evo 2016 Games Lineup

Earlier tonight, Joey "Mr. Wizard" Cuellar and Mike Ross took to the Red Bull eSports Twitch channel to bring fighting game fans a detailed list of what games would make up the Evo 2016 lineup.

Heading into the night's events, it wasn't clear if certain games would make an appearance at Evo 2016. For one, it was expected to be the final year that Street Fighter IV would grace the stage. Street Fighter V will be coming out in just three weeks (another lock for Evo 2016), meaning the long-running final event of many Evolution Championship Series' past was set to take one final victory lap with Ultra Street Fighter IV. Alas, it was not to be.

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1526d ago Replies(2)
greenmiker1526d ago

Super Smash Bros. Melee? Its a little old for another EVO I think.

KentBenMei1525d ago

Uh, lol, no. EVO isn't about just the latest games but also the best. Melee still trumps any SSB in the eyes of most competitive players and eSports fans, so you're 100% wrong.

TheFinalEpisode1525d ago

Believe it or Melee's scene is bigger than ever right now, I recommend watching the Smash Brother Documentary to answer why.

greenmiker1525d ago

I didn't know that, wow! The game is 15 years old and released to a console with few sales....Gamecube.

georgenancy1526d ago

2 smash games again seriously?

KentBenMei1525d ago

Yeah, it should be 3, I want to see some N64 action.

deafdani1526d ago

It's interesting to see Nintendo dominating such a prestigious fighting tournament with three games.

I suspect Pókken will be a big hit for Ninty.

fatneal1525d ago

solid lineup...cant wait to play pokken...smash kills it every year....not gon lie i want a new "capcom vs" game doesnt matter what console i just want it