Why the Future of PlayStation is in the US and Not Japan - SRN

Why the future of PlayStation is in the US at HQ in San Mateo, California and not Japan, and the difference between a hardware and software centric company. We also take a look at the history of PlayStation and its development.

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nogoodusernamesleft1527d ago

nintendo has japan by storm sony will have their main focus on the west because that's where they get their moolah from now

FallenAngel19841526d ago

Sony will still get plenty of support from Japanese publishers. That's never going to change.

Also, this article seems to be getting ahead of itself. I see Sony ever giving up on hardware. Services are nice and all, but there will always be a market for having the physical console to play on. Not everyone will have the ability to stream games at every moment, or even the funds to do so.

Not to mention that consumers would always be at the mercy of whether publishers take their game off the streaming service if they want to play them, as opposed to having a physical copy or already downloaded onto your HDD.

SRN_Games1526d ago

I don't think exclusive streaming will be here in 2 years time but people once thought the same thing about movie streaming right? No way Blockbuster would go away and yet today, I can stream a 4K HDR show. Streaming is the future and it's all about building the roadblocks to it. Services like PS Now and PS Vue are that foundation and long term investment, both which have came from the US.

PhoenixUp1525d ago


Blockbuster may be gone, but services like Gamefly and Redbox have taken it's place. So whatever comparison you were making was a poor one.

We still have plenty of movies and games still being shipped on physical media in the face of all this digital distribution. Streaming services will rise, but they'll never outright replace physical media.

SRN_Games1525d ago

One thing you have to understand is that when a company like Sony makes a strategic decision, it's not about today but tomorrow. To my point, how many people do you know who stream movies today versus 5 years ago and versus 10 years ago? Same thing, now project streaming 5 years into the future.

I'm sure there are people like yourself who use Gamefly or Redbox but with each year, that number diminishes as broadband penetration and speeds increase while compression technology reduces file sizes.

Another prime example is in the music industry. People first bought CDs, then MP3's, and now you stream. It doesn't mean people still don't buy CDs or MP3s but that number reduces each year.

PhoenixUp1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

More people stream content yes, but my point is that it'll never get to the point where physical games and movies will become irrelevant. There will always be various factors that will keep physical media alive.

Look at a game like Gravity Rush Remasteted for example. Originally it was only going to release digitally in North America. However many consumers demanded a physical version as well, and Sony graciously complied. This shows that the market is still fond of having something tangible in the face of this digital age when they have the option.

Digital music is entirely from digital games. With digital music you can download it to various appliances once you switch the file format. Digital games however are on a proprietary format that only plays on the platform you bought it on, unless there's Cross-Buy in which case you can only play that game you purchased on a specific brand of electronics hardware. It's not so simple that you can just buy a digital game and have it be as versatile on different devices as digital music naturally is, so that situation isn't very comparable.

This is also why physical games sell a lot more on dedicated gaming hardware as opposed to PCs. A PC is an open platform with numerous distributors to buy game software from. Having various distributors on the platform leads to competiton where the prices of certain games are driven down in order to compete with one another. Dedicated gaming hardware are always on a closed platform with only one distributor, which will always be the hardware manufacturer. Since they are the sole place to buy digital games there isn't much need to drastically lower prices compared to on an open platform like PC.

Thus this leads to more consumers buying physical games on consoles and handhelds compared to PC users.

PhoenixUp1526d ago

You make it sound like Sony is going to just shun the Japanese market or not put as much attention towards it.

Sony is still going to garner much support from Japanese publishers, and they'll still have a heavy presence in the market. Sony knows how to balance their global focus, especially when compared to their competitors,

SRN_Games1526d ago

Not suggesting that at all. No where was it mentioned that somehow those game devs would be shuttered. What I'm instead talking about is how the future of the PlayStation will be developed. Much in the same way that during the PSone, PS2, or PS3 era, it's not as if Western devs were somehow shunned. But they were also not part of the consoles development either. Now the pendulum is swinging the other way.

PhoenixUp1524d ago

You should read this article. It's a major counterpoint to your thesis.

The PlayStation brand has always been an international one, where different regional divisions between SCEA, SCEE, and SCEJ contribute to the future of their company and it's products. Sony has always done this far more often than any of it's rivals in the gaming industry. That article states not much would change, at least not to the level that would be largely noticeable on a consumer level.

stuna11526d ago

The future of PlayStation is where it's always been! Focused on a worldwide appeal. Expanding their sphere of influence doesn't equate to them taking focus off of other areas they've already been influential in!

Manubiggs1525d ago

Japanes market is predominantly mobile gaming, it's sad but that's the truth

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