Steam Midweek Sale Includes Two of 2015′s Best Games

Steam’s midweek sales are packing some serious punch.

Black Mesa is the stand out tittle, costing only £7.49. It may be a fan made remake of Half-life, but its quality is undeniable. There’s a few changes made from the original, but they only enhance the experience. Half Life Source was a rather lacklustre, Black Mesa shows how it’s done.

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Manio311530d ago

I still need to play Vermintide...

PixelGateUk1530d ago

At that price, it's a steeeaaal!!!

Though to be fair, there's a number of canny games in there for cheap

AnotherProGamer1530d ago

Man when are they going to finish Xen, finished the mod like 2 years ago

PixelGateUk1530d ago

Given it's fan made, i'm fine with i kinda never liked the Zen parts too much. I blame Opposing Force for that

AnotherProGamer1530d ago

I didn't like them either but they said they are redesigning Xen from scratch though and what to see what a better version looks like

PixelGateUk1530d ago

They've cam this far, i can't see them stopping now. It's been odd following the game after i first saw it years ago in PC Gamer

slappy5081530d ago

Ooh Vermintide is on my wishlist, my rule is to buy games on my wishlist when they are on sale!!!

PixelGateUk1530d ago

go go go

Plus you wont't have to battle the wonky loot system is had at launch!

PocketRave1529d ago

you can get the warhammer game cheaper on G2A for around £15, its not that much cheaper but every little helps

DirtyPete1529d ago

That's really cool. Everything I save is another bit towards a different game :)