Watch the Fire Emblem Fates Petting Minigame that Nintendo Is Censoring in the English Version

Apparently, dialogue changes are only the tip of the iceberg in Fire Emblem Fates‘s western version for Nintendo 3DS.

Since you won't be able to see petting scenes in the English version of the game, you can in the playlist below (which is entirely safe for work).

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DiscoKid1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

I really hate what they are doing to Fire Emblem. They really turned this franchise into some fan-service whorehouse. We wouldn't have to worry about the game being censored if they would just focus solely on combat and story rather than suggestive themes.

Abriael1534d ago

Or maybe we wouldn't have to worry about censorship if Nintendo simply didn't censor the game.

3-4-51533d ago

For me, I don't play Fire Emblem for petting mini games so it doesn't effect me at all.

I wish they wouldn't censor things, but it's not going to make me not want to buy and play Fire Emblem.

This thing they are censoring barely even factors into the entire game.

It would be like NBA players boycotting playing basketball because the NBA changed the color of the rim from orange to blue.

It's a non issue really, but I completely understand why it gets some people mad.

yuukiliu1534d ago

I always thought this 'mini game' was totally pointless. Yes it improves relationships but ha....its just so weird. Definitely only did this at home and not on the train or waiting for a table at a restaurant haha. Certainly doesn't need to be in the game.

Abriael1534d ago

If it was justified to remove everything that "doesn't need to be on the game," we'd miss on quite a lot of content.

Ultimately, this minigame provides dialogue with characters in a state a bit more vulnerable and open than usual, contributing to the depth of their design, so no, pointless, it is not.

I'll give you "weird." But "weird" is not a justification for censorship.

JohnathanACE1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )


It's kind of convenient since you can raise affinity and grind for it without being in battle so it is kind of useful.

MoveTheGlow1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Yes - to me, this looks less like censorship and more a localization-oriented decision where the material just wouldn't make sense to the majority of the audience. The lack of... whatever the heck I just witnessed... won't make Fire Emblem Fates a lesser game with it gone. Hopefully they can resolve the mechanical issue with it, where you're losing an easy affinity booster.

Stealth20k1534d ago ShowReplies(4)
Stealth20k1534d ago

Bottom line. Nintendo is giving us 2.5 Fire Emblem games at a single time, and for the sake of the localization and decency they removed 30 minutes of optional content that was offending a lot of people in a 100 hour experience. Not a big deal.

Considering Fates has the highest preorder total of any FE game in the West, it is really not a big deal.

vanity291533d ago

Im tired of content being changed or completely removed in games stealth. If you choose to say it's not censorship or not doesn't matter to me. If you're fine with content being cut thats ok. More than likely we both will still get these games.

But to me, it seems like the dlc type deal where everybody was pissed and people even boycott preorders now. But unlike the dlc, where you can still get the content if you really want it. We can't here. And that's something I can't stand at all.

krontaar1533d ago

Oh sure, a few costumes here, an entire mode there...Where does it stop? Is this game not rated T for a reason? This was never a problem before so why now?

Games like senran kagura were localized fine and nobody cares. Part of me thinks nintendo does this to just keep people talking about their games.

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