Street Fighter V Isn’t Just An Exclusive, It’s A System Seller

ThisGenGaming says "It’s now been over a year since Street Fighter V was confirmed to be a console exclusive for PS4, although not a full exclusive due to the PC release. It was later confirmed that there will never be an Xbox One version of the game released. Looking at past sales and how popular the series is, the PS4 has got an exclusive that is going to bring in console sales."

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DarkOcelet1522d ago

Its definitely a system seller. I think it might top one million copies sold in the first week.

darthv721522d ago

It should sell a few consoles. Hopefully spark some interest in JP but if not then the rest of the world will make up for their loss.

bouzebbal1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

I for sure cannot wait for this beast to land.
Between this and KOF14 2016 is the comeback of every extincted genre (JRPG, fighters, platforming...)

Unspoken1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Yep, it'll sell itself right on to my system. PC. Playing it in beautiful 4K on a 65" screen leads to some intense moments. Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat has shown me that. Too bad PS4 can't do the same.

Now where is a real fighting game, Soul Caliber?

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Bahamut1522d ago Show
Utalkin2me1522d ago Show
bouzebbal1522d ago

You wanna sound like a fan at least show it by writing the game's name correct.

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alvgamin4lif1522d ago

Wow dude, where did this come from? So off topic and random.

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FlipSwitch1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

There aren't any fighting games that even come close on PS4's closest competing system.

FlexLuger1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

KI is not as iconic as SF, but its MS own game ( not a paid for 3rd party exclusive, that has been on every console since the dawn of gaming, in all its previous iterations)and its damn solid as a fighting game.

On a side note. looking forward to playing this on my PC. Hoping my Hori stick for My x360 gives me no problems.

LAWSON72 + 5m ago

"Smash says hi"

People seem to forget that smash is a dope game! give credit where its due. and I dont even own a WiiU. love it on my 3DS though.

remixx1161522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )


never really understand why you guys feel the need to tell what your getting it on......nobody cares.

if your buying it just buy it.


Yeah smash is amazing.

FlipSwitch1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )


Smash isn't on PS4's closest competing system.


It's not like KI is Microsofts own IP. They bought it from Nintendo. Buying instead of developing new IP's is something they seem to do a lot

MS also got a third party developer to make KI on Xbone

KI has been available on different consoles in the past too so i'm not quite sure what your point is

ShottyatLaw1522d ago

@ FlipSwitch

"Buying instead of developing new IP's is something they seem to do a lot."

Either you are much more clever of a troll than I previously gave you credit for, or the irony of your drivel is completely lost on you.

FlexLuger1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )


"never really understand why you guys feel the need to tell what your getting it on......nobody cares."

If you didnt care you wouldnt even comment about it. I see comments like what I just posted all the time, yet never feel the need to point it out or respond...small minds need something to get riled up about I guess...

"It's not like KI is Microsofts own IP. They bought it from Nintendo."

They bought it so they own it. Then they developed an all new KI. What is so hard about that to understand? When you buy something thats how it works. Its MS IP. They own it. Am I lying? and its only ever been on two nintendo consoles plus the monochrome gameboy ...over 20 years ago...I was just playing SSF4:AE on my X360 earlier today....big difference.

"Buying instead of developing new IP's is something they seem to do a lot"

They dont have an inhouse fighting game team (neither does sony in case you forgot, what with all the SF5 marketing talk)So its a given that for the sake of quality a dev who knows what they are doing develops it. Worked out fine for MS and KI as a game. And whats more....they OWN KI. Sony does not own the street fighter IP.

But hey lets go back to your quote and pretend NMS, SF5, nier, COD and destiny DLC, plus all those timed indies are not a thing....I mean..facts are not popular on N4G anyway, right? I dont mean to rock the boat or piss on the parade in here... lol

Why o why1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

'KI is not as iconic as SF, but its MS own game'

Lmao.....when did that become important to xbox fans? Is that more important than having sf5 as a console exclusive. .. I don't get it. Will it not be a great title for the ps library because it's not in house.....

I cant agree with flip in that we cannot say where the 'close to' bar is because sfv hasn't been released yet to know

FlexLuger1522d ago

"Lmao.....when did that become important to xbox fans? Is that more important than having sf5 as a console exclusive." I have been a street fighter player since 1992...Im speaking purely from that perspective. Fact of the matter is SF5 is not as big as KI, as flipwsitch said....What are YOU getting your panties in a twist over. I can buy this game on a choice of two platforms because I own both platforms this game is coming out on

"I don't get it."

Of course you dont. You already proved you cant comprehend what you read by reading my statement as some kind of attack on sony. Just makes you come across as insecure.

"Will it not be a great title for the ps library because it's not in house....."

Nobody said it guys are too sensitive, sometimes....get over yourselves.

nogoodusernamesleft1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

imo killer instinct and smash bros are more interesting for me than sfv but the game looks really good still. you're just being a hater if you think other platforms has no fighting game as good as sfv lol

jb2271522d ago

"Fact of the matter is SF5 is not as big as KI, as flipwsitch said"

Trying to find where he said that, but all I'm seeing is the opposite, that there aren't any fighting games that come close to SFV on the competing platforms...Surely you can't think that KI is somehow bigger than SF? Maybe I'm misunderstanding you there, but I'm not even a huge fighting game fan, played both in their original first forms when they came out & I'm pretty sure everyone would agree that SF is a bigger & more important lifelong fighting franchise than KI....Ki laid dormant for nearly two decades while SF has been propping up the fighting game competitive scene the entire time w/ installment after installment. Always assumed SF is the perennial fighter bar none.

Realms1522d ago

You got to love the trolls Street Fighter is an iconic franchise that should sell pretty good. FYI to those posting they will buy it on PC nobody cares when some of you are well knowned Xbox fanboys it's clear why you would mention that.

Azzanation1522d ago

KI season 3 releases this year and you get to play as one of the BattleToads! Im sorry but there closest competitor have a very good fighting game thats been out for 2 years. And if your old school how can you resist the BattleToads.

Wallstreet371522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )


Honestly i have Smash on Wiiu and dont play it. I agree with Flip... Killer Instinct anD Mortal Kombat i think come close but are not on same level.

Why o why1522d ago

@flex didn't see the point of that part of your first statement but I can see why you felt I was being defensive of whatever but again, it being a purchased 3rd party game has little relevance especially since KI was initially an arcade and nintendo game and the comment you responded to said nothing came close on the x1....I also said I didn't agree with him saying there's nothing close.

jwillj2k41522d ago


I thought you worded it that way to make the peasants fight over second place lmfao...

Neonridr1522d ago

dear god, so because Smash is on the Wii U and not the Xbox One you are going to ignore the game. Don't try to cover your tracks, admit you made an error in judgement there.

What about in Japan where the Xbox One is irrelevant? Who is the PS4 competing against there? Father time?

Give me a break.


@ Flex, you should have no issues with a Hori 360 joystick on PC. (I have a Hori EX Real Arcade Pro and I use it without issues.)

Bahamut1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )


Smash is great man, but I'd hardly consider it a fighting game per se. It's more of a "smash on all the buttons and knock the other guys off the edge" game. But it's a whole lotta fun, no doubt.

rainslacker1522d ago


KI has nowhere near the mind share that SF has. It's a good enough game, but seriously, it's not going to be a game that many people run out to buy a console for.

SF, MK, Tekken, and maybe KOF to a lesser degree, are the cream of the crop when it comes to fighting games. KI is on the level of just another fighting game to get if you're into those kinds of games. The reason it's being so played up is due to it's exclusivity, whereas the other 4 I listed are played up because they actually are extremely popular. Heck, a couple Aksys fighting games are more popular than KI ever was.

To the player, most won't care who owns it. That's a thing for fan boy discussions. When they want to play it, they will go out and get it regardless of who owns the IP. Do you think that people care that MS owns the GeOW franchise now? Does MS owning all those Rare franchises really matter? Do the people playing UC really care that Sony owns it? No, they just want to play the game, and they're going to go and buy the system that allows them to do that.

It's great that companies provide exclusive content for their consoles, as that content tends to be compelling, but ultimately, it doesn't matter except for marketing purposes. I didn't buy a PS4 because Sony owns GT or UC franchises. I brought it because I can actually play those games on the PS4.

BG115791522d ago

Well not as well kown as all the others mentioned in the comments and also kind of a niche game game, but Guilty Gear Xrd holds itself quite well.
The problem is, the game is just to technical for casual gamers...

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3-4-51522d ago

Street Fighter as a series has been a system seller since the Sega Genesis & SNES.

SpeakTruthAlways1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Exactly, it's comical to downplay the significance of SF just because it's a ps4 console exlcusive and comparing SF to KI is a joke. SF is in it's own league. Instead of being salty, these fanboys should buy the game on pc or get themselves a ps4.

3-4-51522d ago

Yea I don't even own a PS4, I have a Wii U & XB1, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't really want to play Street Fighter 5.

I'm not huge into fighting I don't master all the combos and play for hours at a time, but I do love play a fighting game here and there and Street Fighter or some form of it has always been my go to fighting game series.

Well that and Smash Brothers, but those are both different enough.

Masterofwiiu3ds1522d ago

If you have a Wii or WiiU, you should check out Tatsunoko vs Capcom.

rainslacker1522d ago

It even sold PC-Engines in Japan. There was a huge surge of sales for the system when they released the SFII:CE on it. It was considered the best version of the game at the time of it's release, and even today commands a high price due to it's faithfulness to the arcade version. Sadly, it never made it to the west with a localization...probably due to it being one of the larger capacity HuCards which were expensive, and the US struggling for TG-16 install base.

I'm not sure how it's status as a system seller would be if it were multi-plat. I'm sure it would push some sales overall, but it's getting that exclusive bump in hype, which is going to help get people interested in the it'll be interesting to see how it goes.

XanderZane1522d ago

I honestly don't know anyone who bought a SNES or Genesis just because a SF game was on it. The PS4 has already sold over 35 million units and most of these purchased were from gamers who didn't even know SF5 would be exclusive on PS4. I don't think SF has ever been a system seller for any game console. I'm sure the game will sell well, but I'm in no rush to get it after Capcom milked the hell out of the SFIV game. I'll just sit back and watcher at this point. I would rather see another Virtua Fighter game, which I always thought was a deeper more realistic fighting game.

3-4-51522d ago

ahh I forgot about Tatsunoko vs Capcom...I'll look into it.

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AngelicIceDiamond1522d ago

I thought games like SF wasn't exclusive?

DarkOcelet1522d ago

They are console exclusives, but i think we can agree that at least 70% of the sales will be on PS4.


I know right?? I guess it is ok to call games "console exclusive" now that Sony says it is ok....LMAO

rainslacker1522d ago

PC and consoles have some overlap in market share, but for the most part, people play on one or the other.

I prefer to take the term in context, particularly on here, because I know that most people that discuss these things in here only play on console, or only have limited play on the PC.

PC gamers tend to keep to themselves on here, except for a few that want to play the "PC rulz" card(like decrypt), but a lot of the PC players only discuss the games themselves without worrying about the exclusive determinations.

kraenk121522d ago

I'd be surprised if it sold less...with 36+ million consoles as install base.

Father__Merrin1522d ago

ye id also wager 1 million FW it will sell tons of ps4s

lvl_headed_gmr1521d ago

So PC/comsole multiplats are Exclusives?

The unbelievable Hypocrisy in the Sony camp is just mind boggling.

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RAM0N 1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Yes it is, one of the reasons i bought a ps4

Der_Kommandant1522d ago

Don Ramon seal of approval!

SteamPowered1522d ago

It isn't an exclusive at all. It's more of a timed release.

Silly gameAr1522d ago

Timed how? It is a console exclusive and there's no timed exclusivity as far as consoles are concerned.

DragonDDark1522d ago

Yeah.. Recore and fable legends and Sea of thieves are all console exclusives...

Silly gameAr1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )


They're console exclusives for the X1 right? Why wouldn't the same apply?

BlackTar1871522d ago

Always playing the victim card.

Silly gameAr1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Wow. My comment had a well said and they took it away. What the heck is going on with the mods here?

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FlipSwitch1522d ago

It isn't an exclusive but how the hell is it a timed release? It comes out on both PS4 and PC on the same day.

remixx1161522d ago

.....can you explain how, its only launching on ps4 and pc. NO version of it will ever come to xbox or NX according to capcom as sony helped develop the game....

they dindnt help publish and market like MS with Tomb Raider, they literally helped with development. Nothing timed about it.

no super, mega or ultra version.....nothing will come to other platforms.

_-EDMIX-_1521d ago

Remix- I m mean..... I see no reason why won't appear elsewhere.


This isn't the first time Capcom has done a timed game with a publisher for god sakes this game isn't even coming out on 1 platform its coming out on 2.

I just think the likeliness of it never releasing elsewhere is extremely small and very very unlikely.

Sony never purchased the IP Capcom firmly holds it.

Even if a contract exists to keep I've on the platform for a period in time I don't believe that overrules ownership of the intellectual property.

You would basically have to consider they paid them enough money to not bring it elsewhere but how much would you pay someone to Use something they legally own that isn't the cost of even purchasing it in the first place?

It's just one of these legal catch 22 that doesn't really make much sense that's like saying you're paying more money to temporarily use someones car than it actually cost to purchase the car..

Or someone allowed you to permanently use a car for less than the price it cost for the car.

I'm just not sure how much money you could give to a publisher to not use a intellectual property they legally own it really just doesn't make any sense.

It's likely timed and you'll see a super SFV on XONE.

travestyj1521d ago


Cap come have already said it isn't going to Xbox One nor are any other versions of it. Sony is helping fund the game.

johndoe112111522d ago

Who the hell are the eight people that agreed with your horrendously inaccurate statement?

theRedDragon1522d ago

I gave my dad my PS4 this past holiday. But I can still play Street Fighter 5. How? Because I owned a gaming PC, that is how. So in that sense, it is not an exclusive.

Phill-Spencer1521d ago

Cool for the ,,five people" who still use a pc as a gaming device

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Dewitt1522d ago ShowReplies(11)
Tankbusta401522d ago

I for some reason aren't too excited about this... Wonder why

DragonDDark1522d ago

I know why but I won't say..

rainslacker1522d ago

Why not tell us instead of making us assume the reasons?

Otherwise, wonder why we should care about why you aren't too excited for it, and why you decided to chime in.

Take some initiative, and have a discussion, because your lack of interest does nothing to discourage others, and it does nothing to get others to encourage you to have interest by offering different perspectives.