Beautiful Rise of the Tomb Raider PC Screenshots Leaked Ahead Of Release

Some gamers are already playing Rise of the Tomb Raider PC on Steam and obviously they've shared some amazing screenshots.

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Festano1527d ago

Wow, I'm thankful I waited now.

Looks like it will be worth it on PC

Imp0ssibl31527d ago

When it was announced as Xbox exclusive I was sad, thinking I'd have to wait a lot.

It went better than I thought in the end

Unspoken1527d ago

Except both MS and Crystal Dynamics said it wouldn't be exclusive to XB1 days after they made the deal and that it would release on PC early 2016. Then all the Sony fans reminded us constantly that it wasn't exclusive.

You guys have been sad all this time? Maybe we can start a group therapy session for gamers who are being traumatized by the console war and now have PSTD.

-"Johnny, can you please stand and tell us your story?"
-"Well... I ...I own a PS4 ...and my friend Timmy said some hurtful things to me the other day..."
-"It's OK Johnny, we're all here to help. You're safe here."
-"Well... he said Rise of the Tomb Raider was going to be an Xbox exclusive and I got really mad and told him it's not and that he is lying because I really want to play it."
-"It's OK Johnny, what Timmy really meant to say was that it was going to be on Xbox only for a short while, then come over to other gaming platforms."
-"But when will I get to play it on PS4?!"
-"Don't worry Johnny, here at Gamers Anonymous we share all gaming platforms together so you'll never have to wait to play an exclusive ever again."

Awww, happy ending!

Utalkin2me1527d ago


Maybe you should do what your name is from time to time. Normally i like a good laugh, but that was just stupid really.

kraenk121527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )


This is simply not true. There were no hints at at that the PC release would be that early - most people expected it to come in April -, except for Spencer's suspicious formulation calling the game a "holiday exclusive" on XBox.

Let's not talk about the sad rest of your comment.

ThePope1526d ago


They said within days of the announcements that it would come to PC in early 2016.

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jcc7371527d ago

Looks the same as the X1 version, which looks great!

suli55951527d ago

ummmmmm, fanboy in denial spotted? I have this on my xbox one, i had to stop playing it because the visuals were lacking, and AA on the console version was just terrible.

ghaleon19801527d ago

@suli5595 and @jcc737 Sounds like you're both being fanboys.

Jcc737...Yes, the PC version looks better than the xbox one version so saying they both look the "same" is absurd.

Alternatively, if you (suli5595) want us to believe that you quit playing because the "visuals were lacking" you need to try harder. All things considered the Xone version is a beautiful game in its own right.

no_ripley1527d ago

lolol, yeah same as the xb1 version for sure!

fanboy at it's finest!

mark_parch1527d ago

'had to stop playing because the visuals were lacking'. lol funniest comment ive read in a while. I'm guessing you don't own an xbox one

LastcenuryRob1526d ago

Watch out jcc737...Even though you are 100% correct the 14 year old PS4 fanboys and the 30 year old PC master wasters living in their mom's house will vilify you for stating facts!

jcc7371526d ago

Lol, o-k guys...dumbest argument ever. The X1 looks great, the PC version looks good, they both look good to me, I don't see any real differences. Sorry if thats offensive to people that don't own an X1? Lol. Carry on.

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Locknuts1527d ago

Almost bought it on Xbox One. I'm so glad I got Halo 5 instead. Now I can enjoy this at 60fps. Yum.

ThePope1526d ago


You sir know your history. Good use of the world Pled, though most may not know what that means.

Azzanation1527d ago

There really isn't much difference. I am surprised you waited for the PC one. I couldn't wait, loved the Reboot on PC but this one had to be a day one. Great game.

XanderZane1526d ago

There really wasn't any reason to wait, unless you didn't own an XB1. Then you didn't have a choice. Critics loved the game on XB1. If you have an uber rig and can play this at 1440 60fps, then go for it. Hopefully the sales will be good as Crystal Dynamics/SE deserves some profits for this game.

boodi1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

the game looks very same as xb1 .. i swear I can't tell much refinement from these pics to the xb1 i have .and I'm picky abut it..

60fps is a super-add though

UKmilitia1527d ago

youtube does no game justice imo.
the compression is terrible.

but it looks awesome on pc and those cut scenes OMG.
i need a new card to play it though so might have to invest because its gonan be a while till i can play it on my ps4.

XanderZane1526d ago

Looks great on the PC. Looked great on the XB1 as well and I didn't have to wait. More gamers get to play this great game.

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DarkOcelet1527d ago

"It appears like there is a Very High preset. NVIDIA recommended a GTX 970 for gameplay at [email protected] and a GTX 980Ti for gameplay at [email protected], but that was for High settings."

Didn't they Recommend a 980ti for 2k/60fps?

On topic: The game looks stunning.

Alexious1527d ago

Sorry, that was a little typo. NVIDIA recommended 980Ti for [email protected] at High settings.

I'm curious at how taxing are these Very High settings, now.

DarkOcelet1527d ago

It will most likely need a GTX 980 for Ultra High at 1080p/60fps.

But i highly doubt we will need more than a 980TI for 1440p.

Witcher 3 most of the times at 1440p/60fps at Ultra high with Nvidia Hairworks On.

I highly doubt this game will be as more demanding than Witcher 3.

Alexious1527d ago

@Dark: Yes, 980Ti should be fine for 1440P, unless they want us to get a SLI for slightly more than 1080P

audiocafe1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Damn, hopefully I can play it at Ultra 1440/60 with two MSI 980s. I know the last Tomb Raider had great SLI support

Now that you mention that I don't think this game will be as demanding as The Witcher 3 at 1440/60 Ultra w/ hairworks on and I was able to play it that way with my current system. I guess I should be fine as long as this game is optimizated well, and given that the last one was I have confidence that this one will be as well :)

DarkOcelet1527d ago


2 MSI 980's are slightly better than one 980Ti so you will be fine :)

Check out this Benchmark...

SniperControl1527d ago

Any of you guys know if this will have SLI out of the gate? I have two GTX970's in waiting.

DarkOcelet1527d ago


Sli support has been confirmed :)

1527d ago
NeckBeardBSMTDweller1527d ago

So glad I sold my SLI 970's for a 980 TI. Love this card, it doesnt even break a sweat at 100 FPS 1440p. I highly recommend it.

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Dark_Crow1527d ago

I'm a pc gamer myself.
So I hope people do realise that it does not look much better then the Xbox version.

Having played the Xbox version recently I can already tell the only major difference will be the 60fps or resolution if you can have it higher then 1080p

Allsystemgamer1527d ago

There's already comparison screens and the difference is big. Stop lying.

jcc7371527d ago

Where are the comparisons? You mean the one where they use the Xbox 360 and claim it's the X1? I can take a screen capture right now and attach, everytime I try to attach it just goes to the top of the page. The lies about X1 are just b.s. the hate is ridiculous. Sorry, if you are expecting leaps and bounds, it's not gonna happen. The X1 version looks great, that is unless you think the Xbox360 version is the X1, which, only someone who hasn't played an X1 would believe.

Dark_Crow1527d ago

Please direct me to the lie.

Take your time. Since I only stated major differences which I don't believe are a lie.

And no screen comparisons cannot be up as the game has not yet been released.

Unless Ofcourse you agree to be one of those people who trusts screen comparisons from anyone. Even a 12 year old.

1527d ago
lastking951526d ago

The difference honestly isn't big what so ever. The biggest difference I noticed was more defined foliage, everything else was hard to see a difference or had none at all. Imo top 5 best looking game this gen.

Kribwalker1526d ago

He's probably referring to this article that is already proven as fake

Here's a screen shot I took when I went back to the same area in my game

Too many people eating too much crap up

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jb2271527d ago

Have you played the PC version on Ultra yet? Otherwise you can't really pass judgment. The difference in the two versions is down to the work the devs put in, but if you are a PC gamer then you already know that the difference is capable of being tremendous if you have the right hardware & the effort was put in. The XBO versions seems to look amazing from what I've seen, but to deny the potential gains in a PC version is crazy coming from someone who considers himself a PC gamer...from what I understand CD & Nixxes do great work when it comes to PC versions of their titles & I don't even game on PC.

Dark_Crow1527d ago

You seem sensible. Now I'm trying to understand where I denied that the pc is more capable or will look better.

The game already looked good on the Xbox. Just find it weird how pc gamers who shouldn't care about console graphics are all over Shit like this. It really makes us look bad. No Shit it'll look better it's pc. That doesn't mean the Xbox version looks bad and my comments was in reaction to that.

jb2271527d ago

@dark crow

Oh well that's definitely understandable. The game obviously looks phenomenal on the XB1 & no one can deny that. Ultimately the PS4 & XB1 are nearly identical in hardware, doubly so when you are comparing to something as vastly upgradeable as PC. The PC will most likely look better, but even that is assuming that the devs in question have an inclination to do so. One only has to look at Arkham Knight to see that PC versions aren't always automatically superior in every aspect, it is all down to the devs really. I've just heard that CD & Nixxes really have a knack w/ the PC so I expect some great things. Either way it's still going to be the same great game regardless of what platform you play it on.

If I had an XB1 I'd have been all over this game & Id have had a 100% completion a week after release....these games are my absolute favorite and I'm really itching to get at this one...if I wasn't so broke I'd have went ahead and found a way to pick one up, but as it stands I'm glad that I'll have Uc4 in the spring (hopefully?) and this game to look forward to for the holidays. I guess it all works out & Ive managed to stay away from spoilers so I should be good.

Alexious1527d ago

Yeah, it's going to be insane at Very High and 4K resolution.

Twignberries1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

@Dark_Crow I'm sorry to say it, but if you are one of those people who cannot see the huge difference between high end pc and console gaming visually, than you should just stick to consoles. On the plus side you'll save tonnes of cash..

I unfortunately do not have the luxury of ignorance.. 😕

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