The Best PS4 Games to Play with a Date

PS4Home: "With Valentines Day just around the corner – we thought it would be interesting to cover this as a topic So which titles are your best bet to turn your date into a fellow gamer? We’ve got the list right here."

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FlexLuger1523d ago

Heres a better about know...taking your better half out on valentines? Sounds old fashioned and romantic, I know...but girls prefer that. to playing your video games collection...

Eidolon1523d ago

Why can't girlfriends do the same for us?

NerdStalker1523d ago

Double loss for you then girls find guys who obsess over there xbox one really creepy lol

FlexLuger1522d ago


Nice try but no dice...Im a closet gamer in real life. N4G is my dirty secret!

BrettAwesome1523d ago

I play a lot of games with my girlfriend. She's become pretty good! She completed GTA V, tomb raider and the Last of us. We have enjoyed assassins creed IV, V and VI together, along with mad max. Point is, we have a Lotta fun grinding these sandboxes together. We can run/drive around while talking about work, school, stuff like that...

andibandit1523d ago

Uhm..most of these games dont have local Coop/Split exactly would that work?

Want to go on a date with me on valentines day?...You can watch me play <whatever> on my ps4.