Why Xbox Live gaming should be free for all

Don Reisinger Writes:

"Over the weekend, I spent some time playing online. I did so on Xbox Live and through games on both my PS3 and Wii. All the while, I was thinking about the one simple fact that kept sticking out in my head: for now at least, I can play online with my Wii and Playstation 3 and the experience is basically the same.

And considering Microsoft keeps losing ground to both Sony and Nintendo, why not find a new way to offer a more compelling alternative out of the company's most popular service?"

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chaosatom3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

If u are paying for dsl, then paying for 360 repels the new consumers, who DON"T know about live.

And the many features it has.

na2ru13802d ago

might only turn on his console twice a week therefore £1.50 per night...?

Other days whilst theyre not donating to charity, money is being wasted on absolutely NOTHING

na2ru13802d ago

ingame chat, noisy voices and invites dont necessarily warrent a £40 charge.

TOSgamer3802d ago

6 months ago he said he still believed the 360 could end up number 1 this generation. Now he says the 360 is starting to look like the "also ran" in the group. Talk about flip flopping.

wiizy3802d ago

microsoft has already lost this gen of gaming. at least they can make sure sony comes in third.. nintendo knew what it was doing all along...creating something brand new

BiggDaddy3113802d ago

Depends on how you define losing. I define it as negative profits. Winning the console war would be defined as making the most profit. And Microsoft has convinced 11 million suckers to fork over 50 bucks a year to play a handful of games online, not to mention on an unstable piece of hardware. HAHAHAHAHA


Is the day Playstation online wins,its saying Microsoft is no longer the king in online service's. HOME maybe the SILVER BULLET or LITTLE BIG PLANET may do the job.
PS3 in the US is winning,4 months straight the PS3 out sold the 360 in the US.