Quantum Break on PC? You Won’t Hear it From the Brazilian Rating Board

Today the internet was set ablaze, as usual, by rumors of Remedy Entertainment’s upcoming Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break coming to PC, due to a rating by the Brazilian Board of the local Department of Justice (Advisory Rating Coordination). The rating was promptly removed, and everything melted like snow in the sun.

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YinYangGaming1526d ago

There's pc gamers who'll be disappointed they won't get to play this game if they only own a pc and there's gamers on a rival platform who'll be disappointed that the ammo they used to fuel a console war based on this rumour was proven false

DarkOcelet1526d ago

You realize that there is a big chance this will come to PC.

If Alan Wake came to PC then this will most likely follow the same path.

Satyre281526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

A past game going to PC is absolutely nothing but speculation. In the end this is Microsoft's decision, they own the IP. Phil has already stated numerous times that yes he wants to support the PC, BUT he knows that the X1 has to hold value by having experiences that can only be played on the X1.

DarkOcelet1526d ago


I am not sure how putting this game on PC will suddenly degrade the value of the XboxOne. The XboxOne will be fine if this came to PC.

Many great games are coming for it this year. Quantum Break and Gears IV are definitely on top of my list this year.

ScorpiusX1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

That was self published by Remedy, this one if it does come to PC it will be in some form in the Windows 10 store to help keep W10 going or as incentive . Aside from that it pure speculation as of now .

@DarkOcelet it doesn't degrade just stifle sales for the console and kills the only place to play is on Xbox one marketing concept.

FlexLuger1526d ago

"I am not sure how putting this game on PC will suddenly degrade the value of the XboxOne."

I take it you have never read the numerous comment on N4G where a PS fanboy tears apart an xbox list for having games that are on the PS also.....It matters that this game dont come to PC, as far as the xbox having its own exclusives go. Also...MS owns the IP and seem to realize the value of xbox having its own exclusives, these days.

remixx1161526d ago

@Flex dude thats petty famboy logic, if they want to use the fact that its coming to pc (maybe) as ammunition then let them. They are called PS fanboys for a reason as in playstation wont have this game so I dont underatand how its a win for them.....

Saranya1526d ago

Alan Wake isn't own by MS.

christocolus1526d ago

While there's always a possibility. I wouldn't use alan wake as an example. MS doesn't own that IP and secondly Phil recently gave reasons why titles like Scalebound, QB and crackdown 3 won't be making it to PC and then Sam lake isn't even sure about the title coming to PC . He recently made a comment where he stated his hopes for a PC version someday. The game for now will be released on Xbox One exclusively. If MS decides to bring it to PC I'm sure it will be nothing less than a full year after the Xbox One's release.

DarkOcelet1526d ago


I think it will come exclusively to Windows 10 just like Recore.

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kraenk121526d ago

All Remedy games have been on PC. Doubt this is gonna be different this time.

christocolus1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

There corrected it for ya..

All Remedy owned IPs have been on PC. Could be different this time.

kraenk121526d ago


You're could. Or it couldn't. With Microsoft's urge to strengthen its focus on PC gaming I don't see why it shouldn't come to PC half a year or a year later. There is hardly any intersection between PC and XBox gamers anyway.

Spoonsx1526d ago

@Satyre28 Xbox doesn't own the IP necessarily. Get so sick of people claiming that Sony or Xbox owns the IP of certain games.

Most times when the contract is negotiated it states in the contract that it can not go to the other console competitor ever or for a extended period of time. Also it will have a clause that the company can not talk about future plans for a stated period of time if the company wishes to release it on PC (for example)at a later date. How do you think all these remakes coming out that were console exclusives are being released on other consoles now?

_-EDMIX-_1526d ago

I'm actually unaware of if microsoft owns the intellectual property or not but a link would be necessary.

MachuchalBrotha3161526d ago

Microsoft owns QB. I dont know how to link, but Im sure you know how to Google.

Lenrulesdaworld1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

MS owns the trademark and publishing for QB, they don't own the trademark for alan wake.


they also own the trademark for scalebound https://trademarks.justia.c...

they also own recore https://trademarks.justia.c...

They just went with 3rd party developers, they need to open up more 1st party studios honestly. Especially ones that don't do the same damn game all the time. Love my xbox tho

_-EDMIX-_1526d ago

Thanks len! Most won't know such info.

No one can say yes or no without real proof.

Not saying spoon is wrong, merely what we are discussing is not anything subjective it is an objective fact with a yes or no.

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jmac531526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

And then there's fanboys like you who will be disappointed because their precious exclusives are on another platform and available for more people to play.

Meltic1526d ago

When that bastard get he's money and the game sells enough copies he Will let IT go to PC.

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DragonDDark1526d ago

It'd real shame that sites are using anything to get dem clicks now.

curtis921526d ago

They'd be smart to put it on PC. It's all still benefiting MS.

BitbyDeath1526d ago

Don't all Remedy games go to PC anyway? Not sure why this one going would be such a shock.

Lenrulesdaworld1526d ago

It's a microsoft game, alan wake is a remedy game. MS decided whats happens with QB not remedy. And vise versa for Alan wake.

T1ttyMunch3r1526d ago

More platforms is a win-win for us

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