Why Japan no longer matters to PlayStation as Sony heads West

Sony Computer Entertainment is reorganizing and moving its headquarters to California. The reason for this is that the money for consoles is now almost entirely in the U.S. and Europe.

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DarkOcelet1531d ago

Well, Japan didnt really have a good reason to buy the PS4 when it was released because there was barely any Japanese games in it.

But in the next few months, games like Persona V, Star Ocean V, FFXV and the Plethora of JRPG games will make console thrive again in Japan.

Eonjay1531d ago

Well, you might be surprised to learn that Sony has sold more PS4 than PS3 when comparing aligned launches. They also said
"SIE will be headquartered in San Mateo, California, the United States, while also establishing key global business operations in Tokyo and London, beginning Friday, April 1, 2016."
Also, last time I checked the Dollar is strong against the Yen so moving to the U.S has less to do with abandoning Japan and more to do with expanding and getting paid.

joeorc1531d ago

100% correct!

Why would Sony abandon Japan ,when Japan publishers & development studios output quite a large number of games made for PlayStation's.

darthv721531d ago

JP has been trending towards more mobility and portable entertainment for several years. Many outside of JP just didnt want to believe it.

It's okay to admit that JP isnt the big gaming territory like it was. NA is still the largest single territory in the world with EU making up the largest multi national territory.

JP devs will still make games because of those two reasons alone. The millions of potential consumers outside of JP that still enjoy their style of games, even if some are being tailored to more western audiences.

indyman77771531d ago

Well Said Eonjay! Also since Sony already has Japan wrapped up against Microsoft. Why not take away Microsoft's advantage of being here in the states or at least soften it by locating yourself here also. Especially seeing how Microsoft is not a treat in Japan.

never4get1531d ago

WII U Home Console Beats PS4 Sales in Japan last week. Home Console is not dead in Japan! It just need more Games!!! Shuhei Yoshida!!!

miyamoto1531d ago

And don't forget the deal Sony and Square Enix signed to rejuvenate console gaming in Japan again.

UltraNova1530d ago


Yeah I can already see SE rejuvenating console gaming 'little by little'...catch my drift?

Kallisti1530d ago

Any business that says it's doing something on April 1st should not be taken seriously.

bouzebbal1530d ago

Japan brings that variety and they are essential to PS. Western publishers are becoming so afraid to take risks and propose some new experiences. Western games tend to look and even play the same while every jap developer makes games in its own style.
This article doesn't make any sense.

Night991530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

No it don't suprise me do you forgot that the PS3 was a lot pricier 599 and a very big clunky console(big consoles are a problem in japan because of small,tiny apartments)with not that many games within its first few years?

The worrying thing for PS4 is that it was way cheaper and smaller to begin with than the PS3 and PS4 already had a price cut but PS4 still don't sold more than PS3.
PS4 has already shot all its bolt but still struggles to sell.
I think the PS4 can be happy when it sells quite the same in japan as PS3 did at the end of its time.

rainslacker1530d ago

Doesn't matter is exaggeration. Not as important as it was 20 years ago is more what it's about. You can't simply ignore the market, because there is too much development that goes on there, which is one reason why MS sells there despite it's low sell-through rate. The market itself is big enough to support a console. There are other countries which sell much less, but still see support, so why not Japan with it's rich gaming culture, and heavy developer interest.

I doubt any gamer would say forget Japan. It just means no/less developer support, and a lot of popular games come from the region which I'm sure people would miss even if they aren't into the whole anime scene, because they offer a lot more than that.

ULTp0ltergeist1530d ago

I live in the San Mateo County, next big city in Silicon Valley. I mean looking at it I'm just surprised this region has nearly ALL of the great studios headquartered here. EA is here along with Crystal Dynamics and many other who has a major presence like Capcom and even gaming news media. Figures why IGN and Gamespot are PS bias, they're live right next to each other lol

XanderZane1530d ago

Well there's still a market in Japan, but it's mostly for mobile and handheld games now. The PS4 doesn't appear like it was sell as well as the PS3 did, even though it's selling like crazy in Europe and North America. Sony is obviously aware of where the real money and profits will come from. This is why they are making the move.

_-EDMIX-_1530d ago

@eon agreed.

As it currently stands their success in the region is inevitable if you consider titles like Final Fantasy 7 15 along with Kingdom Hearts 3 and many other Japanese titles will push the system in terms of sales so Sony as the publisher doesn't necessarily need to bring more titles to the platform when the platform will sell by default based on those titles.

Many for a long time have argued the myth of exclusive selling platforms but the reality is multiplatform titles sell platform is greater than exclusiveshe do.

They will be fine in the region Metal Gear Solid 5 pushed a large amount of units in that region.

They will be fine, Japan just needs their ass titles before purchasing no different than many of us in the West that await GTA's call of duties assassins creeds battlefields etc before making the jump some of these ace titles are just taking much longer to come out from the east

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Gotcha51531d ago Show
Dark_Crow1531d ago

PlayStation is a product from Japan. It has support whether it works for it or not.

They only need to really concentreate on the west for which most of their studios make games for.

rainslacker1530d ago

Their three biggest franchises, GT, UC, and GOW are popular in Japan. Japanese gamers like western games as well, not unlike how many western gamers like Japanese centric games. Then they have an entire publishing branch with lots of development teams in Japan which makes almost nothing games that cater more to the market.

If those games didn't sell in Japan, then a lot of them wouldn't get made, because they don't always make it west, and Japanese developers want to be able to sell their games to their home market. In fact, when it comes to publishing, many publishers want to sell to as many markets as is financially viable.

miyamoto1531d ago

So Microsoft PR department thought it's high time for a negative spin on SIE streamlining, eh?

All these negative spins suddenly come out of the bushes.

From one click bait to another.

Seraphim1531d ago

@ darth. kinda funny how many dislikes you have. It is truth though. Japan as a whole just isn't the gaming mecca it once was in terms of consoles. Mobile gaming via handhelds and cell phones has taken over Japan the past 10 or so years. Yes there's still a sizable amount of console gamers but it's certainly not like it use to be.

3-4-51530d ago

Japan Matters for Video games as much as the U.S. or anybody else.

It would be arrogant and ignorant to say otherwise.

Japan even matters for Microsoft, they just need to get the formula right.....and by that I mean XB1 needs a game similar to Dragon Quest XI.

rainslacker1530d ago

MS formula doesn't work, because they start off with a bang, and then when it doesn't work out, they kind of give up. They don't diversify themselves over the long run.

Hard to say if it would make a difference in the short term, considering how many of the games they do get are multi-plat, and the ones they make exclusive(timed or otherwise) for the Japan market are neither the big franchises, or aren't plentiful enough to push system sales far enough. With the 360, they assumed that having a couple new JRPG's would drive sales. This gen, they went with some interactive story types games. Then nothing else that was exclusive, and the bulk of their staple line up hasn't been that appealing over there because it's extremely geared for western audiences, particularly the US audience.

I hope it's something they remedy for the long term, but there's also the possibility that it won't matter due to the market maybe not being strong enough to support three major players over there.

3-4-51530d ago

Yea they need to get it right from the beginning.

A nice colorful awesome art style RPG instead of a realistic looking one would do well.

Something similar to Dragon Quest

A mech game of some kind.

Something similar to monster hunters

A game somewhat like Pokemon.

a REAL fighting game similar to Street Fighter than isn't Killer Instinct.

^ All those together would get Japan interested.

Throw in something similar to Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy Tactics and they are on their way to a success.

I wish they knew this though.

JsonHenry1530d ago

The Japanese have a severe negative growth rate, an aging population, a lagging economy, and the entire north part of the mainland is a radiation emitting nightmare.

They HAVE to cater to other regions. Their own region can't support them.

butchertroll1530d ago

What an clickbait article!

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ShadowKnight1531d ago

Japan is now a mobile gaming-first market.

T1ttyMunch3r1531d ago

What kinds of mobile games would they play? I dont think they would play games like 5 nights at freddies, minecarft, etc.

Hoffmann1531d ago

A ton of dating sims I bet.

rocketpanda1531d ago

Monster strike and puzzle dragon the 2 biggest. In 2013 puzzle dragon was making $3mil a day in Japan alone. Monster strike which came soon after is just a popular and both are still rolling on the money.

All game developers are chasing the mobile market. Easier to develop for, lower costs

Sevir1531d ago

If you go to Japan, you'll see how much the shift is. Gaming is bite sized and consumed in 5-10 minute bursts throughout the day, because no one there really has the time to dedicate hours in front of a TV. as a result the Japanese audience Consume games via their smartphone with a plethora of games that quench their start and stop attention span that their busy lives require.

It's sad, but that market will dominate as its insanely profitable and minimal risk

T1ttyMunch3r1531d ago

Ok thanks guys. And why all the disagrees? :(

WeAreLegion1531d ago

We don't know where the disagrees come from. Some say the ghosts of fanboys past still haunt these forums. Others believe them to be an act of demonic persuasion.

KiwiViper851531d ago

Because you spelled Minecraft wrong... Get him kids!

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miyamoto1531d ago

Reason why Nintendo partnered with DeNA.

sammarshall1021531d ago

Looks like we'll be seeing more western focused games from Sony and less Japan games

gangsta_red1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Well I believe someone at Sony already said they wouldn't be making any JRPG type games themselves and would leave that up to third party developers. So that's already an indication of them being more western focused.

And we can already see Sony's focus on "dude bro" type of shooters this gen. And also their huge money spending on third party timed exclusive content for games like CoD, Battlefront, Destiny and others.

Hoffmann1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

It has been around 15 years since Sony itself developed a jrpg anyway. Sony Japan never developed the majority of their hits. A really big strenght of Sony was and is to support third party companies that produce games of all kinds

gangsta_red1531d ago

True, I was just recalling that statement in regards to how Sony is focused on more of a western audience than a Japanese one. You can see it with their upcoming releases and how they push those more than others.

Another example would just be their type of games they are releasing now compared to yesteryears. Games like Parappa and Ape Escape which had a very Japanese cultural look and feel compared to their titles today.

remixx1161531d ago

I believe sonys dude bro focus comes from watching MS make massive profit off it last gen, they have the larger install base so they know they can rule the 3rd parties whithput focusing their own resourses on it.

no halos or gears of war style 1st party or exclusives (great games btw) necessary to cater to that market......let thd 3rd parties do it.

allows them to make more horizon, dreams, until dawn, the last guardian style games they're good at.

miyamoto1531d ago

What a load of misinformation bullocks!

Japanese PS4 exclusive games out number western developed games.

This list is proof that PS4 is restoring the balance of power between Japanese & Western games once again after the wreck Xbox 360 did.

rainslacker1530d ago

They say that for now, but if there is a resurgence of JRPG's due to some key titles, then they may change their tune. Otherwise, they tend to support JRPG's by financing them or partnering with some, which is what it's been like for a while now.

I don't know if I'd say they are focusing on dude bro shooters. They are making some, more than they use to, but I see a lot of variety still from their games, and the dude bro is a rather small percentage of that.

I think their marketing and partnering focus is more on the dude bro though, and that's probably logical given that there is a pretty big market for that.

gangsta_red1530d ago


We are discussing Sony releasing Japanese focused games not third party developers.

_-EDMIX-_1530d ago

@gred- I wouldn't disagree with that completely merely that what they mean is likely more so towards the genre in Japan and not necessarily towards all Japanese games consider Gravity Rush is still having a sequel for ps4.

Sony is not doing that based on more interest towards the west they are likely doing that because of the shift of capcom squares being more conservative like Sega and producing some of their titles only on Japanese consoles.

Square has done this last generation in there doing this even more this generation Capcom has already confirmed they intend to produce more PlayStation titles this generation.

Exclusives do not necessarily sell the majority of platforms in fact more platforms are sold based on multi-platform titles than on exclusives solely.

So to them they could care less whether or not it's on a rival platform or not what matters the most is perceived value at the end of the day people in huge millions are purchasing Playstations in Japan to play those titles in that sort of all that matters to Sony at the moment not whether or not it's specifically for a title they create or own.

I just don't see reason for them to spend money on something that won't push units better than a final fantasy or Kingdom Hearts or even a Metal Gear.

This is about money. If units sell for capcom, Sega and square games, Sony has that region covered.

Hoffman is 100% correct too, Sony Japanese RPGs like Arc the Lad or White Knight Chronicle have not done huge units look at the software sales and really tell me that those were assisting in those systems rise.

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Hoffmann1531d ago

In the end, the consumers are indirectly deciding the focus of game companies. And while I myself never bought a Call of Duty, a Titanfall, Destiny, Fifa or NBA game aside from NBA Jam those series are the biggest hits these days.

How the focus on western audiences already changed Final Fantasy is worrying me a bit but there are still enough..more traditional alternatives.

1531d ago
_-EDMIX-_1530d ago

To be fair the market is deciding the shift of focus but the diversity of those genres will always drive that focuse.

Final Fantasy 13 failing the way it did very much shows that they can't stream line in Call of Duty the game into success so then having Final Fantasy 15 be more so a traditional Final Fantasy game in regards of open world towns airships Exedra shows that it's pretty clear they are seeking more so of a traditional Japanese RPG been trying to appease the West.

You can continue to not buy Call of Duty titanfall and many of those series but the industry is not merely made up of just those

gamers who like those genre will continue to impact and affect the genres.

That is like saying to boycott all the major blockbuster GI Joe films will suddenly make the industry create more arthouse style independent films.

Those who like those genres specifically will affect their success others will clearly choose to like genre you don't but I actually don't believe they have much of an effect on other genres existence.

KwietStorm1531d ago

Sony has always had a global reach with dev studios under their roof. But take a look at what Japanese focused games they've release over the last 10 years, and take a look at what has come out of Japan period.

Aloy-Boyfriend1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Isn't that a good thing tho? After all PS4 haters bash japanese games a lot and call us weebo

Besides it's been a long long time since PlayStation had its exclusive JRPG. All JRPGs comes from 3rd parties and 2nd parties like Level 5. That'd be enough.

If japanese gamers aren't into consoles anymore, then heading west and focusing there is a good thing for all of us who are supporting them fully

remixx1161531d ago ShowReplies(5)
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