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Nintendo NX Wish List: 3rd-Party Launch Games

GameCrate: "We take a look at five games and franchises that would be perfect for garnering some potentially strong third-party support (which we're well aware isn't Nintendo's strong point)."

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Community1361d ago
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FallenAngel19841361d ago

Why do people think putting an M-rated game on Nintendo console will signal an influx of more M-rated title? We've had many M-rated games on Nintendo consoles since the N64. If third parties don't feel that it's profitable to do so in the past 20 years, I doubt they'll change their mind in the next 20 years

ninsigma1361d ago

Depends. If Nintendo are planning to create games more akin to the big games we expect from Sony or ms in tandem with their fan favourites like zelda Mario, xenoblade etc, the Console could see an influx of more users. And if the Console is like ps4 and xb1 when developing games for it, that could really push 3rd parties to include Nintendo again. It's all up in the air right now of course because we don't know anything about the Console but with previous rumours of the likes of dragon quest 11 and more coming to the nx, it's fun to speculate on other 3rd parties that would be cool to see on the new console.

FallenAngel19841360d ago

GameCube was on hardware parity with its competition, yet it didn't receive as many of the multiplats. Wii U has hardware parity with PS3 and 360, yet it still misses out on many of those multiplats.

I really don't see why this situation would change with NX.

nogoodusernamesleft1361d ago

i want cod battlefield and gta oh yeah nintendo will win console war easily with those big sellers with better graphics and fps than ps4

ninsigma1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

Unless the Console is developed as a next gen console, I don't really see much changing in how things are going, even if it is a bit stronger than ps4. If it's designed to compete rather than pass out then the market will remain the same. Ps4s lead is pretty much set in stone due to its mainstream popularity. Before it could even think about overtaking ps4 it needs to catch up with xb1 which, despite being severely behind ps4, is still selling very well in its own right. If the nx were a whole generations difference between ps4 and xb1 then we could see some interesting turn of events. But it would also need to work on expanding its games library and entice 3rd party devs to develope all games on ps4/xb for the nx as well.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1361d ago

CoD didn't sell for crap on Wii U, and it ran better than its PS3 and 360 counterparts before the PS4 and XBone launched.

If it didn't help the Wii U, chances are it won't help the NX.

Exclusives are more important than multiplats when it comes to getting the NX to sell.
That's just how it is.

No one is going to plunk down over $200 for an NX just because it has a copy of the latest CoD, when they can pay only $60 for it on a console they already own[PS4/XBone].

skydragoonityx1361d ago

The NX would probably be weaker than the PS4

Ruggadagod1361d ago

It's too late bruh the PS4 took over like 80% of 8th gen home console market share. It will sell like the N64 at best. Unless they are waiting for 9th gen or something which by then will be too late. We all know Nintendo doesn't care about 3rd party. The consoles they create are for their benefit and only their benefit. They do not go to other companies and ask what they may need/want in a console so they can grow and thrive. They are stubborn and do not improve their consoles. They do not live or die on 3rd party and thus are on a one man island.

Sadly to say, but when it comes to Nintendo home consoles, they are almost irrelevant to the average person. Yes the wii Nintendo's best selling console was relevant, but I honestly think it was just a fluke.

Unless Playstation stops getting lots Japanese games I like each gen, then I'll stick with them.

Ck1x1361d ago

I just love mathematicians on N4G! So the PS4 has taken like 80% of the 8th gen market share you say. Does that mean there's only 20% left of what the PS4 has currently sold available to these consoles to sell?

JunMei1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

Nintendo needs to bring in more struggling developers in Japan who are still obsessed with Sony, who isn't selling well over there, which is exacerbating their struggles further. Might be able to sell more NXs if it becomes THE place for Japanese niche titles.

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