Top 10 Final Fantasy That Ruined the Series

"There’s been a lot of people pointing names and calling fingers at AAA games lately, not least of all Final Fantasy VII Remake for being episodic. Is it really fair? Is the series already ruined? We take an investigative look…" - Rice Digital

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donwel1528d ago

My opinion is FF7 ruined the series. And before I get disagreed to oblivion, allow me to explain why.
I don't think FF7 is a bad game, not in the slightest, but therein lies the problem. Due to the game being so popular it has become the basis for comparison for every other game in the series, and let's face it here, no matter how good the games after FF7 would have been they still wouldn't have been FF7 good.
I can only imagine the amount of pressure on the devs to put out another game as popular as FF7 over the years.

ninsigma1528d ago

FF9 was awesome and well received though and many people liked 10. Not sure I agree that 7 being so good ruins how the following games a received.

donwel1528d ago

I also enjoyed 9 and 8 was probably my favourite in the series (never played 10 though) but I'd always hear people comparing the newer games to 7, usually unfavourably.
Maybe it's more to do with the idiots I chose to listen to back in the day.

ninsigma1528d ago

Ah there will always be the die hards who refuse to accept anything but their own truth lol. Ff7 is my favourite but I think FF9 is a damn good game. 10 is cool enough but the characters aren't great imo. The combat is cool and strengthening the characters stats is pretty easy but deep. I wasn't a fan of 8 tbh. It's an OK game but it felt fairly bland for me. Let's hope with ff15 people will give it the fair shake its due :)

PSN_ZeroOnyx1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

I loved FF I, III, V, VII, VIII, IX & X.

I really want to play FFVIII again because I absolutely loved it (quite possibly my favorite FF game), but I don't want to pay for it through PSNow.

EverydayGuy1528d ago

They have it on steam too

PSN_ZeroOnyx1527d ago

I prefer console gaming. I would honestly prefer to pay PSNow prices over playing on a PC.

BlahBlahWhatever1528d ago

The series was ruined after FFX, until that point even if some people didn't like one FF they could still play it & enjoy it to some decree, anything that was released after FFX didn't remind at all how the series used to be & didn't have those familiar things/elements that make any FF to be an FF, anyway it's not worth playing an FF game for the past 15 years now, that's for how long now the series is dead for me.

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