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Jim Sterling writes - Halo 5: Guardians is okay. Its campaign is rubbish, but the multiplayer is solid thanks to the foundation it’s built upon. Warzone is a really enjoyable experience, and while combat is still mostly about tossing grenades and hitting the melee button, the whole Requisition gimmick adds some much-needed flavor to proceedings. It’s just a shame it also adds not-needed money to Microsoft pockets.

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Tobsesan996d ago

Is this review for real or am i drunk?

Rimeskeem996d ago

Probably both and that's why are commenting

Kyoshi996d ago

The gameplay is absolutely top notch, but everything else, I felt underwhelmed with. I do love that they are gonna do free updates, but since Halo 6 has already been confirmed, it sucks that this will be just another shooter that will eventually become abandoned.

Gaming4Life1981996d ago

I think halo 5 is great all around but that's just my opinion. 343i needs to keep doing the great job they are doing. My rankings of halo games would be......
Halo reach
Halo odst

Paytaa996d ago

For me it goes in order:
Halo CE
Halo 3
Halo 2
Halo 5
Halo Reach
Halo 3 ODST
Halo 4

I loved 4's campaign but the MP almost put me into an early retirement since it just wasn't Halo. Halo 5 is on the right track going forward though.

Dark_Crow996d ago

I didn't see any of the marketing for halo 5 so I didn't have those pre conceived notions of some epic struggle. Therefore I enjoyed halo 5 campaign a lot. I do wish I could've played it solo however.

I'm also mainly a singleolayer focused so to me halo 4 had the best campaign. And that was done by 343 so Im not worried o me bit.

On a side note...did they make cortana uglier on purpose?

Bobafret996d ago

I have to grudgingly admit that I find the Prometheans sort of boring, and I am a Halo nut that has read most of the novels. I think it would be a good thing to give Halo a long break.

Paytaa996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

I think once they do Halo 6 they should take a well deserved break until next-gen but we both know that won't happen.

If Halo 6 capitalizes on the MP of H5 and improves on that, it will easily be the console FPS to beat again in terms of mechanics and balance. The story just needs a new writer. I like how they were trying to go for a "darker" Halo but when you have a comic writer work on a video game like Halo it just doesn't translate well. Maybe since Joe Staten is back at Microsoft they could get him to do the next one.

One can hope.

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