Insomniac Games Teases Probable New Game With Intriguing Trailer

Today insomniac Games released a short video teasing what seems to be a new game announcement, with the message “dive deeper.”

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I_am_Batman1524d ago

Come on Insomniac make Resisance 4 already. This looks intriguing though.

Aeery1524d ago

I'm in.
I love (almost) everything that they create!

Ps +1 for R4 !

-Foxtrot1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

I think I would only want a Resistance game if they go back and see it after the first game, call it Resistance: Fall of Man 2 and do some sort of alternative timeline where Nathan Hale is developed better and stays alive.

You just can't beat the feel and tone of the first game.

Resistance 3 was better then the second one but the main character wasn't developed enough.

I_am_Batman1524d ago

Well Resistance 3 is my favorite game of the series. I really enjoyed the setting and story of it. The only thing that disappointed me a bit is that we never got to explore the pure chimera's home world. That's why I want Resistance 4 to continue the story.

-Foxtrot1524d ago

Well you could always explore their home world if they did a proper sequel to Fall of Man. Nathan Hale goes to their world.

_-EDMIX-_1524d ago

I don't agree with all that.

I mean the first game is pretty good, I feel the 3rd game fixed a lot, but I don't think they need some sort of re-write.

They can do a forth game with a different character as the concept isn't solely about 1 person.

Sevir1524d ago

Hale was a bit bland! The game was more about learning of the chimera than the sentinels... Military shooters typically have bland playable characters...

Resistance 1 and 3 and Retribution were all very well made games... the tone, atmosphere and pacing, gunplay, and narrative, especially for Resistance Fall of Man and Retribution was well done...

I think Insomniac got too wrapped up with chasing the COD crowd which ultimately killed the franchise...

I'd want Them to go back to the desolate tones of the dark unforgiving world of alternate 1950s and explore things they job-related but never touched...

Clovens, Angels, pure chimera, Russian experiments, the ancient ones they escavated.... that universe was rich, it still is with infinite stories.

If they revisit it, they need to make the character have some truly personal motivation and to make sure the character changes, matures and becomes something greater by the end, while also expanding upon and shedding light on all those missed gold mine story plots and revelations...

If not let the IP stay dead... it's too butchered to be resurrected and not handled with the utmost care it deserves.

-Foxtrot1524d ago

Nathan Hale was bland but that's my a re-telling, make a proper sequel and take all those new games we've had which are story driven like Uncharted for example and develop him more

Make him into a more likeable character

BattleAxe1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Resistance 3 was in no way better than Resistance 2. Nothing beats R2's 8 player online co-op and the huge 60 player matches. Not to mention that the map design was excellent. While R2's single player campaign wasn't as good as R1's, it was still a great game.

R3 had a good single player campaign...up until they decided to literally wrap things up by crashing one ship into another, creating a wormhole, and winning the war....why didn't the militaries if the world not think of that in R1 or R2?? Instead a ragtag group of surviving humans manage to take out the chimera like it was nothing...

R3's multiplayer was a complete and total joke, with up to only 16 players, and the maps looked like they were created by an ametuer. On top of that, the game only included 2 player co-op...without matchmaking.

It's almost like Insomniac had a falling out with Sony towards the end of the development period of the game. The way the storyline ended, and the poor multiplayer offering were big tell tale signs. Coincidentally, they then broke off most relations with Sony, and went on to make an exclusive game for the Xbox One.

It's too bad that the game series ended on such a poor note, since it was hands down one of my top game franchises of last generation, right along side Killzone and Uncharted.

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d4v03331524d ago

Totally agree with you! I love the series and hopefully they do make Resistance 4 sometime soon.

Kribwalker1524d ago

Is it on psnow? I'm saving my psnow trial for when I'm through my backlog and I've only played the first one on my PS3 before

d4v03331524d ago

Resistance 3 is on PS Now but I don't think Resistance 2 is.

Christopher1524d ago

Probably just a light, puzzler game that part of them worked on while the rest finish R&C.

Germany71524d ago

They worked on small games recently for platforms like IOS, Android and PC, probably it will be another one.

Heyxyz1524d ago

Resistance 4 will never happen...I know having hope is good, but the biggest disappointments come from the highest hopes. I love Resistance, but I've come to grips with the series ending.

Also, Resistance >>> Killzone. Yeah, I said it.

I_am_Batman1524d ago

Yeah I'm not counting on it ever happening. Just saying I'd love if it did. I thought The Darkness 2 would never happen too and then it did happen. There is always a small chance. But I'm not getting my hopes become expectations.

extermin8or1523d ago

Tbf another studio could well continue resistance in the future Sony have kept the trademarks, renewed them recently so you'd assume they have some kinda plans for it. Sony bends resistance retribution had a sequel that got canned early on so they could work on uncharted ps vita but I can't help but feel like James grayson'a story over in Russia would be a good place to continue...

UltraNova1523d ago


Resistance FoM vs Killzone 2...I cannot decide between the two to be honest.

@I am Bats

I thought The Darkness 2 should never have happened...I was totally blown away by how good the first one was then when I played the second I was bitterly disappointed.


Yes, Sony should assign the Resistance IP to another internal studio or better yet form a new one by gathering fps experienced devs from their own studios.

Resistance must live on!

2pacalypsenow1524d ago

I thought i read somewhere that they were done with the Resistance Ip and that they want someone else to take over it

kraenk121524d ago

Nooo..I hope they do something new and exciting. Love Insomniac

3-4-51523d ago

I like the potential idea or theme they are going for.

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Aeery1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )


Germany71524d ago

Finally Deep Down will be revealed!

Hoffmann1524d ago

Resistance 4 would be great.

nitrogav1524d ago

Resistance 4 would be good , Resistance VR would be greater !! .

ginsunuva1523d ago

Not happening.

Performance hit caused by VR will make it look like a in-between Ps2/3 game.

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