Interview: Homefront: The Revolution Narrative Designer C.J. Kershner On The Co-Op Campaign

From GameCrate: In this exclusive interview, the Narrative Designer on Homefront: The Revolution, D.J. Kershner, explains how the game's co-op campaign works and why they're doing it instead of "Team Deathmatch" and so on.

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Finch1534d ago

Damn didn't know MP vs was not going to be in this. Love coop, but for me and my group gets old pretty fast. Homefront to us was another Battlefield game back in the day with a twist. Got a lot of things right and we enjoyed it very much. Now known its coop only, well might be a gamefly only game and send it back once the coop gets old. Coop is never a long term game!

beerhound1534d ago

They did say they'll be adding to co-op throughout the year...but for you that sounds like you should just wait a while before renting it.