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The game begins with a standard hero-returns-home story. Our hero, Rico Rodriguez, is back. He returns triumphant, having freed Panau in the previous instalment several years ago. Greeted by his old friend Mario Frigo, you learn that Rico’s home nation of Medici (Meddy-chi) has become the stomping ground of the evil Di Ravello. He’s popped a few airbases here, satellite stations there and the odd naval port for good measure. Not only that, but his men have seized control of the nations many towns and cities, placing their poisonous propaganda all over, in the form of billboards, statues and speaker systems to name a few. In order to free the towns or to capture the military bases, you must destroy all of Di Ravello’s influence. These items are referred to as “Chaos Objects” and are clearly marked with red. Effort has been made to make sure the items both fit in with the world but also stick out to the player so it’s not too frustrating to find them; fuel tanks have a red band around them where billboards have a red backdrop, for example. It can become irksome at times when you are searching somewhere, say the huge capital of Citae Di Ravello (this guy really did put his name on everything) for a tiny, red, propaganda van, but overall it is clear enough where these objects are – If you check your map once you have destroyed some of the more obvious ones, the remaining chaos objects become increasingly clear for you to mark for demolition, which is handy.

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