Fallout 4 and the Curse of Bethesda's Refusal to Change

Gamemoir's Nick D. examines Bethesda's history as a developer and highlights the developer's seemingly proud refusal to evolve its series.

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TheSaint1522d ago

Because war, war never changes.

knifefight1522d ago

I love it.

And I love Fallout 4, too. Great game.

kraenk121522d ago

They urgently need a modern game engine!

Ashlen1522d ago

Uh, they changed Fallout 4 a lot. And a lot of people hated most of the changes.

If you have a formula people like why change it?

Shadowsteal1522d ago

I hate the settlements. I wish they came premade and those who want to make their own can tear it down and rebuild.

jony_dols1522d ago

What I hate about the settlements, is the inability to actually clean them up. No options for premium/restored items that don't look like crap. Who wants a penthouse with holes in the walls and pi$$ stained mattresses? Non-removable weeds on the pavements aswell....grrrrr

Kreisen1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Bethesda 101, poorly implement a bunch of features and have modders do the rest.

Niceman911522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

I've said this many times already... Fallout 4 is a good game which fails to achieve greatness like its predecessors. The problem is over-familiarity and lack of innovation. Given how long it took to develop, this entry should have been solid but it just falls flat. However, welcome improvements to certain aspects of gameplay should be noted, namely the shooting mechanics, but the removal of RPG elements such as varied and consequential dialogue, skills and the karma system, which are all foundations of the Fallout series, was a huge misstep. I also didn't like that the protagonist already had a fleshed-out history that I couldn't make my own.
The reception, primarily the countless negative articles and comments, should serve as a warning to Bethesda to innovate with their next title.