PlayStation Store Sales in North America: January 26 - February 1, 2016 - PS+ Specials & Much More

On the PlayStation Store in North America this week, you'll find a variety of deals, including a Square Enix Sale, PlayStation Plus Specials, and more.

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Germany71534d ago

I still need to play Drakengard 3.

thepatientgamer1533d ago

Have you heard good things?

Eidolon1533d ago

I haven't, I heard it's a Bayonetta wannabe and not nearly as good. Also 20 bucks is kind of expensive.. I've seen it cheaper used.

gobluesamg1533d ago

Uggggghhhhh should I finally jump on that Sleeping Dogs deal? Backlog is too big already.

Eidolon1533d ago

I don't for see it being any cheaper any time soon, and it definitely won't be free any time soon.

nevin11533d ago

Does that apply to Tomb Raider too?

Eidolon1533d ago

Any AAA game, really. lol

Silly Mammo1533d ago

I bought Tomb Raider and the FarCry 4 DLC.

phoenixwing1533d ago

damnit if i had waited a few months i could have bought xiii-2 on the cheap end. oh well at least i enjoyed it.