Do you care about the story in fighting games?


As Steven reported yesterday, Yoshinori Ono and the team at Capcom are taking the story mode of Street Fighter V seriously. Sure, they'll have the usual arcade mode intro/wrap-up for every character like Street Fighter has had since time immemorial, but come June, Capcom plans to release a more ambitious, “more modern cinematic treatment” of a story mode. They want to provide some context for all the hadokens and psycho crushers this time around and finally connect the dots between SFII and SFIII (yes, that's right, SFV is technically a second prequel to SFIII).

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FlexLuger1527d ago

Nope. I care about the mechanics of that fighting game. I love blaz blue and guilty gear but I have no idea what is going on in that world. I dont care either. I just care for how well the fighting mechanics work.

T1ttyMunch3r1527d ago

I would care if it is a game like dark souls/bloodborne but not mk or street fighter

audiocafe1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

I guess my opinion would be 'sort of, but not really'

I care more about the mechanics of the game over the story, but having a story that I think is interesting helps me with fleshing out that universe and the personalities of the characters. I find that cool. Again though, mechanics in a fighting game are the most important and as long as they are solid and I find characters that suit me I'm good with a story that makes zero sense or without one at all.

ZaWarudo1527d ago

BlazBlue made me care, probably the only fighting game that made me care about the story.

NovusTerminus1527d ago

I just came in here to post that, BB has an amazing story.

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The story is too old to be commented.