Kojima visits Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam (photos)

Earlier today Hideo Kojima arrived at Schiphol Airport, and headed to Amsterdam to visit Guerrilla Games. This studio is known for the Killzone franchise, but is currently working on a new IP, an ambitious open world game called Horizon: Zero Dawn.

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NewMonday1525d ago

I'm thinking Sony are showing Kojima all WW studios so he can see first hand how they work autonomously with full creative control unlike developers who belong to big publishers like EA, Konami,Ubisoft..etc, who work under arbitrary mandates, so Sony hope to convince Kojima to become a full 1st party developer.

Immorals1525d ago

Or maybe so he can flit around working with projects helping out between Kojimas own studios projects.

Either way it'd be interesting to see a Kojima game with full Sony investment!

TwoForce1525d ago

Kojima have know Sony for very long time since his first MGS game.

breakpad1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

@ New Monday a very optimistic thought ...still plausible ..IMO Sony shows Kojima their first party studio and their unique graphics engines to help him develop his own hi-tech graphic engine,which he will own as part of their contract to develop his 1st independent game exclusively for PS4

UltraNova1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

Yes but they could do that through Skype. These person to person visits are to make Kojima feel like home in Sony's 1st party family.

Brilliant tactic. The guy was and still is a Sony fan but now he will feel welcomed on a different level.

After his 1st game I hope Sony offers to buy his studio in exchange for an unlimited budget and total creative freedom.

Edit: Wish I could get my MGS collection signed by Kojima San...

Ruggadagod1525d ago

Damn he's going from Sony studio to Sony studio. If Sony hires him, PS4 will be even more dangerous for the competition.

OldGuyStillGaming1525d ago

I bet there are many people trying to get a job at kojimas new studio

audiocafe1525d ago

Kojima the Japan Globetrotter

Eonjay1525d ago

Well, while he is there in Amsterdam, there is other research he might want to check out...

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