Far Cry Primal Hands-On PS4 Gameplay Preview - IGN

Once you can control animals, Far Cry Primal finds its groove.

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opoikl1525d ago

I'm sure I'd feel the same way after only playing the first 3 hours, but how much of that enjoyment still remains after 30 hours?
FarCry 3 was the series high point IMO and I don't believe this game will be able to top that game. Vaas, the tropical islands, the crazy doctor with his psychedelic potions, the ganja plantation, it all merged together so well. FarCry 4 proved to me that lightning doesn't strike twice that easily.

DarkOcelet1525d ago

I finished Far Cry 3 almost 95% with all the side quests, only left few collectibles but it seriously became repetitive so fast.

Climb Tower, Free Outpost, Rinse and Repeat.

opoikl1525d ago

But you've got to admit that the setting made for a wonderful place to get lost in. Granted, it was the first game I played on a powerful pc after being used to PS3 graphics for years, so godrays, 1080p and AA all helped to suck me in even more... But still the game world felt interesting for a much longer time than Kyrat did (or Africa in FC2).

NovaCorps1524d ago

all ubisoft games use that " recipe"
reason i stop buying those at full price

DarkOcelet1525d ago

Yeah, the settings were beautiful and Vaas was awesome. Far Cry 3 was the highlight of the series, I didn't get the same feeling from Far Cry 4.

Because I felt like I am playing Far Cry 3.5.

And this one, while it looks interesting, the whole no guns only melee and the objectives are exactly the same as Far Cry 3 and 4,its just hard to get exited about it.