Homefront: The Revolution is surprisingly nutty - Eurogamer

If you've cast an eye over the bombed out cityscape of Homefront: The Revolution's open world and thought it all looks a little too miserable, rest assured there's a streak of very British humour running through Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios' shooter. The dilapidated streets of Philadelphia are patrolled by small mobs of North Korean soldiers, part of an invading force that has brought the city to its knees and one that you, as the resistance, are struggling to push back. Time's short on this urban battlefield, and sometimes you need an abbreviation that's easy to spit out when the enemy draws near.

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DarkOcelet1528d ago

I love what i am seeing here. Hopefully this game doesn't disappoint me.

crazychris41241528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Reminds me alot of Far Cry and I dont think thats a good thing. Need to see more to see if I would buy it but I know it aint no day 1 buy.

DarkOcelet1528d ago

It reminds me of Metro/Stalker than Far Cry. Especially the weapons.

Kreisen1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Dude, have you even played Stalker or Metro? Dont unsult those classics by comparing them to this mediocrity.