EA Lets Take-Two Offer Expire

It looks like Take-Two won't be a part of Electronic Arts after all–not this year, anyways.

Electronic Arts' CEO John Riccitiello sent a letter to Take-Two Chairman Strauss Zelnick, saying that he would let the offer expire because they would not be able to merge before the holiday season.

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BlackIceJoe3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

Yes and gamers jump for joy every where. This is really great news. So I am really happy to see the deal did not go through.

BigKev453712d ago

Yeah, great news. Bug off EA.

bluecapone3712d ago

EA needs to buy T2 right now enough of all the games

PS360WII3712d ago

Alright so after the 5th time asking for a buy out EA finally gets the message.... till they try again that is ><

Itrguy0013709d ago

YAY!!! i guess until Ea trys again next year