What does a game reviewer play for fun?

Faced with a vacation that had to be spent indoors due to illness, the Globe and Mail's game reporter found himself in the novel position of selecting a game to play not because he had to write about it for his job, but because he wanted to to amuse himself. What did he choose? From the story:

"...after a decade of generally having the time to play only those games that I write about, I'm unaccustomed to selecting a title based solely on its potential to amuse me.

I instinctively reached for Grand Theft Auto IV, a game I stopped playing after 30 hours simply because I had other titles that needed my attention, then wavered. Did I really want to commit myself to the hours that would be required to reacquaint myself with Nico Belic and Rock Star's reinvented Liberty City? No. Too daunting.

I continued scanning. Ninja Gaiden II? No. Too hard. Lego Indiana Jones? Uh-uh. Not in the mood to laugh. Capcom's critically acclaimed Wii platform game Zack & Wiki (which, shamefully, I have yet to even break the plastic on)? Bad idea; too much movement could lead to unwanted bathroom visits...."

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