Homefront: The Revolution is getting "at least" one year of free co-op DLC

The Revolution to be supported with a variety of content and community events.

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NobleRed1528d ago

Co Op DLC? They should better start working on a competitive mp.

Had a blast with the Homefront 1 mp.

Stogz1528d ago

Im pretty sure I read that they decided in no competitive mp, could be wrong tho.

Bismarn1528d ago

I don't see interest for this game. It may crash hard.

Khaotic1528d ago

Obviously your new to gaming

Schizoid1528d ago

I've been waiting on homefront 2 since 2012. All this time and now I'm hearing there's no MP. Not sure who the developer is but you can kiss my A$$.

crazychris41241528d ago

Anyone watch the whole video? Its going to have microtransactions similar to Halo or Black Ops crates, pay for a random crate of items.

Stogz1528d ago

Unfortunately in this day, there's always a catch to "free dlc".