Survey: Oculus Rift getting the most support from VR game developers

GDC's 2016 State of the Industry Report surveyed 2,000 professional developers who attended the popular annual trade show during the past three years, asking about their current work and interest in various virtual reality and augmented reality technologies (among other things). The Oculus Rift was by far the most popular VR headset among the surveyed developers, with 19 percent of respondents saying they were currently working on a game for the device. A number of Rift competitors were well behind in a statistical dead heat for second place among active VR developers: Samsung's GearVR at 8 percent of respondents, Google Cardboard at 7 percent, and HTC Vive and PlayStation VR at 6 percent each.

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Neonridr1528d ago

Makes me feel better that Rift currently has the most interest seeing as I preordered one.

donthate1528d ago

Frankly this is expected. However, I was just surprised how much discrepancy there is.

Oculus has 3 times the amount of content as PS VR and HTC Vive. I expected HTC Vive to be much closer to Oculus support.

Even more surprising is GearVR is in second place, and more than everyone, but Oculus.

Also, seriously? Google cardboard is third?

Volkama1527d ago

Oculus as a platform isn't exclusive to the Oculus Rift headset though. Anyone with a HTC Vive will be able to buy and play those Oculus games. A lot of them will work with GearVR and such too.

donthate1527d ago


From what I gather this is support for specifically Rift headset device, and not the platform.

joeorc1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

The reason is Samsung gearVR is also a Oculus support device.

And yes on google cardboard being third is quite logical due to that not just being cardboard only headsets, that includes cardboard certified headsets like Mattel View master VR headset, and the large number of plastic bonded made VR headsets that are google cardboard certified or are able to support google cardboard apps & Games ran through Android powered smart phones and phablets.

As for this yes & no

"From what I gather this is support for specifically Rift headset device, and not the platform"

Its about the platform, also because like volkama stated the Oculus store is open to headsets that support the oculus store platform, iE:gearVR & HTC Vive are examples.

Of support being when a vr game goes up on oculus store front they are not exclusive to just the rift. Lucky has been very upfront about that.

And about which has the most support for headsets in vr its like Apple and Android

Oculus vs Google cardboard. Both are open storefronts for supported devices. But there are quite a bit more Cardboard VR certified supported devices over Oculus Rift, but on the same token both VR platforms target mobile Is: Samsung gear VR for Oculus side for mobile while google cardboard only as of right now supports only Mobile VR right now.

Neonridr1527d ago

@Volkama - most mainstream games yes. But Oculus has their own storefront where they will be selling some exclusive content. I am sure there will be workarounds, but not necessarily easy for a regular user.

donthate1527d ago


"Of support being when a vr game goes up on oculus store front they are not exclusive to just the rift. Lucky has been very upfront about that."

I would agree with you, but the story itself says headset. It doesn't say Oculus, Oculus Platform or Oculus store. It specifically says Oculus "headset".

I also want to point out that, not all content coming to Oculus Store is multiplatform either.

Regarding Google cardboard, I know there is a lot of "cardboard" designs, but didn't think it was anything, but more of a developers toy. In some ways it is disconcerting that something so unserious has such a market-share suggesting, the market is considerably smaller than we think it is.

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NerveGearneeded1526d ago

"Overall, the survey shows increasing numbers of game developers think consumer-grade virtual reality is more than a quickly passing fad this time around."

if this is correct that's not a good sign.

jairusmonillas1522d ago

And you know a better experience than VR? No, you don't have any. lol.