Infinity’s Armory Brings New Maps, Halo 2 Battle Rifle, More to Halo 5: Guardians Today

The latest Halo 5: Guardians content release is available for free beginning today. Infinity’s Armory delivers REQs straight from the arsenal of the most powerful space vessel in the UNSC fleet. Players can battle it out on two new battlegrounds, with the winding routes of steel and sand on Riptide for Arena and dynamic battles and open sightlines enabled by Urban for Warzone Assault.

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3-4-51531d ago

This trailer sucks.

It doesn't actually show that much, just a bunch of quick cuts that don't give us a long enough time to really appreciate what they are giving.

It's like when ESPN shows the puck going in the net as a hockey "highlight", but never how it actually got there.....or the basketball going into the net,but not the lead up to it.

Terrible Trailer.

Dewitt1531d ago

Sorry I meant to disagree, my apologies.

Paytaa1531d ago

Just played a match on Riptide and got to use the Halo 2 BR. Prefer it much more than the Halo 5 one. Sounds better and is just nostalgic holding it.

GearSkiN1531d ago

343 said the kill time of H5 br is still faster. But I'm very excited to try H2 br in a few!

FlexLuger1531d ago

Liking that new needle rifle. I am surgical with the regular version...could be down right nasty with that upgraded model.

Tobsesan1531d ago

Omg i need that pizza skin right now

Kribwalker1531d ago

Free content for the win :D

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