How to Fix Error E200 on Xbox One

Xboxed: "This is a fairly common error code that many Xbox One Owners run into because of a failed update or some other reason. Most people think that error e200 means that the Xbox One is bricked and send it back for a replacement/repair."

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Aenea1532d ago

Buy a PS4?

*ducks* :D

Sorry, couldn't resist. Never heard of this error code before though so I doubt it's "fairly common"...

troylazlow1532d ago

Oh that's just being nasty!

dilawer1532d ago

Not common but some people see this error and they instantly think their Xbox One is bricked which is stupid.

Aenea1531d ago

Oh yes, the word 'brick', overused as much as 'broken', only if nothing works, no safe mode boot, no factory reset, nothing, then a device is a brick.

BossBattle1532d ago

It can't be common if I've bought 4 Xbox One's and never heard of this issue until now. Never seen an article or anything before. Bogus clickbait.

dilawer1531d ago

As I've already mentioned in another comment above, it's not common but just a few people who get it automatically think that their console is bricked.

Dark_Crow1532d ago

Can we get an article on how to quiet my ps4?
Besides turning it off.

1531d ago Replies(1)
BG115791531d ago

You should get a refund or exchange your PS4.
There is probably something wrong with it.

Having said that, your comment is off topic...