Far Cry: Primal - Final Preview Event | Interviews & Hands-on Impressions [GTR]

Gamertag Radio writes: Join Patrick as he shares his thoughts on the first three hours of Far Cry: Primal and interviews the developers at Ubisoft's final preview event held in San Francisco last week. Tune in to hear straight from Creative Director Jean-Christophe Guyot and Associate Producer Paola Jouyaux on how the idea for Far Cry: Primal came to life and what makes it a unique experience unlike anything you've played before.

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DivineAssault 1532d ago

I have part 4 and never completed it but this looks like something that will keep my attention all the way through

showtimefolks1532d ago

like blood dragon this was supposedly a dlc expansion but with UBI becoming more greedy every minute they decided let's charge full price

farcry 3 was amazing than farcry 4 felt rushed. now this is coming out

UBI have such talented developers yet as a publisher UBI just wants to release games yearly to make more money

when given enough time i am sure the developers can do amazing job

josephayal1532d ago

Far cry priMEH! What is there going to be like 2 weapons? Bow, knife and?