Is Far Cry Primal Different Enough from Its Predecessors?

"If I learned one thing after four hours in Far Cry Primal's open world, it's this: the sun is my friend. When exploring the lush wilderness of Primal's Stone Age setting, it's safer to venture out during the day, when visibility is higher, and predators are fewer in number."By Mike Mahardy

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lipton1011528d ago

Not excited whatsoever. The last 2 far cry games have been so route and mediocre. Excellent open worlds and gameplay and graphics, but I felt like they were missing *something*. Like, I really had no reason to go back to the game at all, and I'm talking in the midst of the initial play through. I had no investment in the story or characters. If I approach missions intelligently, I'd never lose. There were no elevated stakes as the story progressed. New environments were full of life yet simultaneously lifeless in their presentation. Not every game will have an uncharted caliber story, but Wolfenstein, for example, told a fantastic story despite route gameplay. I came back to that game to see what happened next, not so much for the gunplay.

Genova841528d ago

Who cares if it's similar? Love Far Cry! Woooooooooo!

dakarli1522d ago

different yes I think, the first FarCry without shootguns

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