VG247 and The100.IO Partner to Create Tom Clancy's The Division 'Looking-Forgroup' Service

Find like-minded players and get ahead in Ubisoft’s persistent shooter from day one with this new service.

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MzDino1535d ago

Cool stuff! It'll hopefully connect players together and even form new friendships lol

ninsigma1535d ago

That's what happened with destiny for me. Don't play that game atm but we all still talk and play other games together. I'm the division will do just that for many others out there. It's actually quite an awesome thing that comes about with these types of games. I now have multiplayer buddies. Something I never had before :D

Digital_Anomaly1535d ago

I miss being able to play games alone... like the anti-social recluse I am.

ninsigma1535d ago

It is playable alone. You don't have to team up with anyone. Though it does still need to be connected to the Internet.

Perjoss1535d ago

If this game has the same raid system as destiny then im 100% out. Any game that forces you to form a group from outside the game interface is a colossal failure in multiplayer games design.

bananaboats1535d ago

It doesn't. In the alpha there was an option to enter matchmaking.

Mikey941535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

I played the alpha and this game has matchmaking for everything. Or you can simply play solo. These LFG things are not needed for the division. You want to do a mission alone then just jump right in. If you want a group then walk up to the mission and with 1 button press you can matchmake for a group.

ASSASSYN1535d ago

This works and all. I used it for destiny. But it also opened my Xbox live account to constant spam messages.

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