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Mike Stubbs: "It was only after playing Far Cry Primal for a good few hours that I realised why 10,000BC is the perfect setting for the series: there are no guns. While Far Cry 3 and 4 were brilliant (lets not mention 2, okay) my biggest issue with both of them was the unsatisfying gun play, which resulted in me getting the bow as soon as possible and almost exclusively using that. But when you remove the guns entirely and force everyone to use the bow (along with a big ass club and spears; because why not) it feels great, as everything is designed to be killed with what is undoubtedly the best weapon in the entire series."

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Trilithon1528d ago

Game play looks good but story looks lame. boring slow dialogs and cheesy script writing. just like the last farcry

Thefreeman0121528d ago

I don't see this doing that well.. I see t having the same Far Cry formula that really lacks inspiration or innovative beside the setting

arkard1528d ago

Will be a fun bargain bin pickup