Far Cry Primal PS4 hands-on: Stepping away from the usual Far Cry formula - Examiner

Cynics and lazy thinkers might take one look at Far Cry Primal and think it's simply a prehistoric skin tossed over the same formula we've seen before, but that is just that, lazy thinking.

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Peace_Love_and_FPS1534d ago

Thought that's what made them special; that they have no formula. I've only tried 4, but I heard 3 is just like it, yet every other entry was different.

KosherNostra1534d ago

Call me a "cynic" and "a lazy thinker", but I've seen tons of FC Primal coverage, and it STILL looks like a FC 4 expansion to me. Without the awesomeness of the Buzzer, to boot.

Psychotica1534d ago

I haven't seen any guns, grenades, rock launchers or flying machines in FC Primal so I am not quite sure how it could possibly be an FC4 expansion.