Pokken Tournament’s Controller Can’t Be Used With Other Games

Pokken Tournament has its own unique controller for Wii U. However, a pre-order listing has highlighted some of its limitations.

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skcej1523d ago

Well....that's weird!

DarkBlood1523d ago

it would of worked fine for nes and snes games, could not be that hard can it?

wonderfulmonkeyman1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

I'm not surprised, considering it seems to lack a few buttons that everything sans Wiimote seems to have, IIRC.

It's a good thing that Nintendo has set up its past two consoles to use so many different types of controllers, though.
Regular Wiimote, Wiimote Plus, either of the former with a nunchaku, Classic controller, and now with the Wii U we have the Classic Pro, Game Pad, and even the 3DS for some games.
That's a lot of options, and while not all games use all options, simply having that many controllers viable with at least some of the games on the system makes a world of difference.

It's one reason why I hope the NX is backwards compatible; no need to buy new controllers means an easier time playing local co-op right out of its box.^_^

FallenAngel19841523d ago

This reminds me how Nintendo doesn't allow the GameCube adaptor to be used on other Wii U games.

Philface1523d ago

Have you thought about the possibility that it does not work with other games because of technical issues?

FallenAngel19841522d ago

Have you thought Nintendo could've released a patch to work around this

Kreisen1523d ago

Only Nintendo would pull something like this in 2016 smh.

higgins781523d ago

Pull what exactly? The controller in question is for Pokémon Tournament alone - it specifys such. ALL other games playable via Wii U can be played on the included Gamepad. Nobody has pulled a fast one...certainly not like when I purchased my PS4 at launch and included controller lacked 'rumble'.

WickedLester1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

But it's so damn pointless. Why on earth does this game even NEED a special controller? It does absolutely nothing the Wii U gamepad or the pro controller can't already do. It's a waste of resources on the developer and a waste of money for the consumer.

Philface1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

@WickedLester: It's an option for those who what a japanese arcades feel, because it's releasing on arcade in Japan as well.

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