Xbox One Upcoming feateure: How you'll move your Xbox One pins around

Major Nelson took to Twitter to show off one of the new features outlined in last weeks xbox update. Namely how you'll be able to move pins on the dashboard.

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cfc831529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Getting hotter. Team xbox just keep bringing it.

FriedGoat1529d ago

If only you could move ALL the pins to the top of the screen, instead of hidden away at the bottom.

holysmokesbatman1529d ago

R Trigger... not that hard is it?

cfc831529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

I dunno. Pins don't really mean much to me. Infact i've rarely used them. I like the UI because it's fast, efficient, has access to nice apps, main screen minimizing and other nice functions such as quickly deleting messages and having free customizable backgrounds....quick access to backwards compat etc. I think it's way better than 360 dash. Shop needs a coat of paint though.

Jmanzare1529d ago

So you'd rather go into games and apps and select the game through there instead of pinning it? That's annoying especially for me I have over 200 games to cycle through and they don't load fast enough

MachuchalBrotha3161529d ago

I like the way its setup. Your recent games stay up top. You wanna play something different RT, and boom your pins.

What I do wish is that we had multiple pin blades. I have so many digital games that at times I have to go into games and apps to get to them. Would be cool if you did RT to go down to pins, then press Y to flip to another Pin page. You can put all your Xbox 360 bc games, etc. I think I will put this on the feedback.

FriedGoat1529d ago


I know the shortcut, I also don't care about the short-cut. What I want to see is my games first, because that is what the console is for.

lxeasy1529d ago

I wasn't aware the pins were hiding... mine sure aren't.

Mehmeh1529d ago


Well what are you whining about then?
If you strictly use your Xbox for games, then you would have your recently played games at top in-your-face. And just below them the rest of your pins (Which i assume in your case is only games).

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Jmanzare1529d ago

I hate that middle section it's so useless

cfc831529d ago


Accessing apps only takes seconds. I also prefer browsing games and apps instead of deciding before hand what i'm gonnae play. Recent apps or games get pinned by default anyway. I'm not fussed about saving a few seconds. I don't see the big deal.

Unspoken1529d ago

I need to be able to remove games I no longer use, demos etc. Please add this feature back.

Jmanzare1529d ago

That feature is coming soon I have it now it's a part of the preview program

Christopher1528d ago

***I don't see the big deal.***

I don't see where anyone said it's a big deal. But, someone just shared an opinion of finding it useless.

Aren't we here to support ideas to improve any system in any way, or to just support what they are giving us and nothing else?

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1529d ago
1529d ago
Christopher1528d ago

Only thing I could wish for above this on the home screen is to put my pinned items above the current stuff on top. Love what they're doing, though.

cfc831528d ago

I never really gave pins much thought. If enough people want it(pins relocated to top), then why not. As long as it doesn't replace screen minimizing. I really like that feature ! :-D

Christopher1528d ago

XBO is definitely better than PSN in customizing our screens for what shows where, but both still don't give us the option to prioritize what we see immediately upon load up, which I always find to be a priority and a sign that they care that we decide what we want to see and not them.

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ScorpiusX1529d ago

Now all they need to do is get us a Baseball game and none of that RBI or whatever similar junk is out there.

XanderZane1529d ago

Yeah, I would love to see Microsoft bring back their sports lineup. NFL Fever was pretty incredible for it's time. Would be happy to see NBA Inside Drive and Links again as well.

ScorpiusX1529d ago

I just want a true baseball game , i would love a return of High Heat or them even buy MVP or Triple play from EA . JUST NEED A MLB GAME .

MachuchalBrotha3161529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Like Denzel would say "my man" yes they need a Baseball game. And they have one of the best IPs from back in the days. High Heat could make a great comeback. It was the ultimate Baseball sim back in the days. And I had them all. Also a boxing game should be a welcome addition. Or atleast give us the fight night games on BC or Access. What you think guys?

XanderZane, just with no Peyton Manning on the cover..haha.

Also they had a great Golf game to.

Lenrulesdaworld1529d ago

unfortunately, they don't have any of the licensing which according to Phil Spencer would be really expensive.

MachuchalBrotha3161529d ago

Lenrulesdaworld, well that sucks, well heres hoping atleast a good football game besides Madden. I thought I read somewhere they can use nfl license but the game needs to be exclusive. Its been a while though so I forgot the article.

Has anyone here read or heard about same thing. For some reason I thought a NFL2K was making a comeback with Joe Montana but nothing ever happened. Thanks for the info.

Skate-AK1529d ago

He was making a football game but it got turned into a mobile game because the license EA has doesn't apply to mobile devices.

Highlife1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

MLB the show is outstanding I don't know if you would buy a console for one game don't know if you have any interest in other titles on PlayStation but the The Show is great. Hope a good mlb game comes your way.

Go Cubs

Hard ball was a great game back in the day so was Tony LaRusso baseball

ScorpiusX1529d ago

its a good game , i just want MS to get us a game .

Highlife1529d ago

Hope you get one rbi was good for no one

gangsta_red1529d ago

MS should throw money at Visual Concept and have them make a High Heat Baseball game. Throw in some kind of in game fantasy league for it and I would be on board.

Lenrulesdaworld1529d ago

Not sure they'll invest if the licensing cost more than the return. Xbox Division is definitely a different under this new micro and they just aren't willing to take huge risk like that any more. At least that what Phil Told me.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

I didn't like the X360 interface, how does the XB1 OS compare?

OldGuyStillGaming1529d ago

It takes some getting used to

I found my ps3,ps4 and wii u easier to navigate than my X1
I still don't like the store on X1

FriedGoat1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

This guy is not trolling, he is totally right. If you've owned any other consoles that aren't from MS, the OS on the Xbox one is very counter-intuitive.

The store, as he said is rediculously poor, in the EU anyway. It's impossible to browse just looking for something new to play because the sections are pathetic. In the EU they don't even have a section for free to play, there's no way to sort by price, it's just a total and utter mess. If you know what you want though the search however is great.

Jmanzare1529d ago

Yea looking for something new is tough it's really annoying hitting the button that says new arrivals right on the front page of the store

FriedGoat1529d ago

I meant new TO ME, not new to the store.

Unspoken1529d ago

I found the Sony store and settings waaaay move unintuitive to navigate aside from the initial "start" screen. Everything was buried and a chore to get to.

Jmanzare1528d ago

I don't get it so you want the xbox to read your mind?

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ScorpiusX1529d ago

A Work in progress but way better than the one released with Xbox one in the begin.

SolidDuck1529d ago

When I first got my x1 I thought the interface was garbage and slow. Now I think its the best one out there. Lots of improvements have been made.

XanderZane1529d ago

Yes, I didn't care for the XB1 interface or the PS4 one as well. Still thought the XBox 360 was better then both. The HOME button on the XBox 360 pretty much destroys all the other UI on other systems. There is a new home button on the XB1 (double press the home button) I believe. I'm glad they made some improvements though.

InMyOpinion1529d ago

360 interface was better imo. The XB1 interface looks & feels like a sloppier version of Windows Phone OS.

gangsta_red1529d ago

Way, way better than when it was first introduced.

But imo i still think the 360 interface is miles better than than the X1. But the X1 currently is good.

Jmanzare1529d ago

Quick launch was pretty nice on the 360 I wish the games were in a list like that instead of the tiles

DragoonsScaleLegends1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

I was thinking about getting a XB1 but I thought the X360 OS was slow and just ugly with adverts. I don't want to get the XB1 if it's similar to that... Original Xbox support would get me to get one regardless though, I loved that console.

Actually Scalebound is probably going to force me to get one, it looks so good.

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FlipSwitch1529d ago

It's my old mate Major Flip Switch

Zeref1529d ago

That joke used to be Funny until Jesus told it to me.

Lenrulesdaworld1529d ago

I get it, it's an old ass joke bro.

Zeref1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

It means it got old a long time ago.

magiciandude1529d ago

The best console UI gets even better! This feature will be really amazing.


welly3001529d ago

Didn't know ps4 was getting a update?

EmperorDalek1529d ago

It would be pretty cool if it actually got an update wouldn't it?

magiciandude1529d ago

A stability update? Happens every time I turn on my PS4.

thexmanone1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Your right, Its not. Still Waiting I see

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