Square Enix Launches 'Life Is Strange' Photo Contest

Here are the details on Square Enix's photo contest as part of its #EverydayHeroes campaign.

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Digital_Anomaly1526d ago

Neat! I love how they're taking from the actual game to create a real life contest. Very cool!

GrapesOfRaf1526d ago

Ya it's a great concept. $10,000 could really help someone with student loans. Well... at least a bit.

Paytaa1526d ago

I could definitely use

OT: Still one of the greatest games I've ever played and this is really cool of Square Enix to do.

MzDino1526d ago

I see what they did there...kudos to Square Enix for doing this awesome contest!

Paulhammer1526d ago

Freakin' great idea. The devs are really running with this game's success in some awesome ways

yeahright21526d ago

Love what they're doing with this title beyond the actual game.

Not ashamed to admit that I triple dipped this game. got it on PS3&4 then got the physical copy for my X1.