First 10 minutes of Far Cry Primal

First 10 minutes of anticipated Far Cry Primal!

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Master of Unlocking1525d ago

Funny how game developpers nourish one another with the ideas they come up with in their games. It's easy to tell the guys at Ubisoft came up with the idea for a Far Cry game set in 10,000BC after seeing Guerilla Game's forthcoming game Horizon Zero Dawn. And tomorrow comes out a new Dragon Quest game in Japan that clearly owes a lot to Minecraft.
Both look good, but devs also need to come up with completely new ideas or the VG industry would be turning in 360° circles after a while.

Paytaa1524d ago

I think there's a major difference between Primal and Horizon though. Horizon takes place after civilization has collapsed and the Earth is rebuilding itself with the addition of mech-dinosaurs. That premise has me more excited. FC Primal on the other hand takes place in the stone age with a reliance on wild life and the environment with the typical Far Cry formula. The stone age setting is rather untapped and is very intriguing to me and I'm not a fan of Far Cry.

Both share a slightly similar aesthetic but ultimately have a different goal.

I also doubt that Primal started development right after Horizon was shown at E3. It probably started before the completion of Far Cry 4.

I do agree that devs need new ideas but I think that primarily applies to AAA development because the cost of development is so high and the risk vs reward is a hard thing nowadays. That's why indies exist to promote new ideas and concepts to help move the industry forward.

spicelicka1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

With all due respect to Horizon (which looks awesome), I don't see how you could possibly assume Far cry got the idea from there. Horizon wasn't even revealed till E3 last year, it's almost impossible for Ubisoft to take the idea from there, develop the game, and have it ready for release next month, almost 8 months before Horizon itself is releasing.

You also have to consider that Horizon itself must have gotten its influence from other games. This is a healthy practice as long as it's not overdone, like the modern military shooter.

2cents1524d ago

Looks like a fun romp in the wilderness, I think I will be picking this one up on release. I love the way they have done the wolf!

rebeljoe141524d ago

the infamous butt stabber is playing this game