Star Wars Battlefront is Ruining My Gaming Life

Jo from GamersFTW writes: "Living with a long time Star Wars fan it was an inevitability that Battlefront would worm its way onto the mahogany gaming shelf in the living room. In fact, if it wasn’t there on release day it would have definitely been a Christmas present. I was sceptical of that much money being spent on a game with so little content, and I thought my other half would buy it and be bored within the week."

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Yukes1528d ago

You need to kick him off! Nobody should miss out on Fallout 4 and Tomb Raider for this shallow drivel. Don't worry - he'll tire of it soon enough, I'm sure. It's not just the lack of content, but the mind-numbing simplicity and repetitiveness of the game.

ninsigma1527d ago

Because fallout isn't repetitive at all.....
How about people just enjoy the games they like instead of everyone having a go at each other. Sounds far more fun to me!

Avin19731527d ago

Everybody should miss Fallout 4.

OB1Biker1527d ago

Opinion piece about partners fighting for console time? Wtf?
I guess as long as there is some level of hate about SWBF that's going to do the job as click bait

T1ttyMunch3r1527d ago

I hope they release the canceled battlefront game

Heyxyz1527d ago

They won't...But hey, I guess no ones ever been hurt by a dream. Just don't dream too hard or you'll hurt yourself. Seriously though, if you want to play it buy a "throw away" 360, mod it, download the game (there are websites that will offer parts of it), and play.

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traumadisaster1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Don't try Star Wars Commander then...

As far as swb I like it for about an hour then it does get, not boring, but too taxing. I don't ever play mp fps so I really have to concentrate and after awhile I need a break.

Now I've finally joined the many mp players out there I have realized I have little to lose or stress about in sp games. In contrast, with mp I really don't want to be shot, I can't reload a save spot and try again like a Fallout.

Actually mp brings up good memories of a few times I tried mp on fight night and madden nearly a decade ago. You really really don't want to get beat, much different than sp.